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Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law [MPEPIL]

Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands

Masahiko Asada

From: Oxford Public International Law (http://opil.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2015. All Rights Reserved.date: 23 September 2019

Continental shelf — Exclusive economic zone — Islands and artificial islands — Sovereignty — Boundaries

Published under the auspices of the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law under the direction of Rüdiger Wolfrum.

1 The Senkaku Islands (in Japanese) or Diaoyu/Tiaoyu Islands (in Chinese) (‘Diaoyu/Senkaku’) are located in the East China Sea, 150km north of the Yaeyama Islands of Japan and 170km north-east of Taiwan . They are composed of Uotsurijima/Diaoyu Dao Island (3.6km 2 ) and four other smaller islands and three rocks, and have an area of 6.3km 2 in total. Although a Japanese population once lived on Uotsurijima/Diaoyu Dao Island, all the islands are now uninhabited. They had been considered to be almost valueless economically, except for fishing and feather-collecting...
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