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A Practitioner’s Guide to Maritime Boundary Delimitation by Fietta, Stephen; Cleverly, Robin (24th March 2016)


From: A Practitioner’s Guide to Maritime Boundary Delimitation

Stephen Fietta, Robin Cleverly

From: Oxford Public International Law (http://opil.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2015. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber: null; date: 25 May 2020


    Association of South-East Asian Nations

  • 1958 CCS

    Convention on the Continental Shelf, done at Geneva on 29 April 1958, 499 UNTS 311

  • CLCS

    Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf

  • CMATS Treaty

    Treaty on Certain Maritime Arrangements in Timor Sea

  • CNMC

    Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission

  • 1958 CTS

    Convention on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone, done at Geneva on 29 April 1958, 516 UNTS 205

  • DOC

    Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (2002)

  • EEZ

    exclusive economic zone

  • FAO

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  • GIS

    geographic information systems

  • GPS

    global positioning system

  • HAT

    highest astronomical tide

  • ICJ

    International Court of Justice

  • IHO

    International Hydrographic Organization

  • ILC

    International Law Commission

  • ILR

    International Law Reports. Lauterpacht, Greenwood, and Lee (eds), Cambridge University Press

  • IMB

    International Maritime Boundaries, Charney and Alexander (eds), Vols 1–7, Brill


    International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

  • JDA

    joint development agreement

  • JDZ

    joint development zone

  • JPDA

    joint petroleum development area

  • LAT

    lowest astronomical tide

  • LBT

    land boundary terminus

  • LTE

    low-tide elevation

  • M

    nautical mile (see also ‘nm’)

  • MHWS

    mean high water springs

  • MSL

    mean sea level

  • NGO

    non-governmental organization

  • NM

    Notices to Mariners

  • nm

    nautical mile (see also ‘M’)

  • OAS

    Organization of American States

  • Pact of Bogotá

    American Treaty on Pacific Settlement, signed at Bogotá on 30 April 1948, 30 UNTS 84

  • PCA

    Permanent Court of Arbitration

  • PCIJ

    Permanent Court of International Justice

  • RIAA

    Reports of International Arbitration Awards, United Nations

  • (p. xxiv) SOLAS

    Safety of Life at Sea Convention

  • TST

    Timor Sea Treaty

  • UAE

    United Arab Emirates

  • UK

    United Kingdom

  • UN

    United Nations


    First United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, Geneva, 1956–58


    Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, New York, 1973–82


    United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, concluded at Montego Bay on 10 December 1982, 1833 UNTS 3

  • UNTS

    United Nations Treaty Series

  • US/USA

    United States of America

  • USSR

    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  • UTM

    Universal Transverse Mercator

  • VCLT

    Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, concluded at Vienna on 23 May 1969, 1155 UNTS 331

  • WGS84

    World Geodetic System, 1984