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Recognition of Governments in International Law: With Particular Reference to Governments in Exile

Stefan Talmon


This book studies the recognition of governments in international law. It is based on an analysis of the diplomatic practice of states as well as decisions by national and international courts. It explores the two central questions of the recognition of governments: what are the meanings of the term ‘recognition’ and its variants in international law such as de facto , de jure , and diplomatic recognition?; and what is the effect of such recognition on the legal status of foreign authorities, and in particular, of governments in exile? Along the lines of these questions the study is organized in a general introduction and two main parts which are followed by three appendices: replies received from various states in response to a questionnaire on the recognition of governments, short profiles of authorities in exile claiming to be ‘governments’, and a list of treaties concluded by authorities in exile recognized as governments. The book is comprehensive in its analysis of the issues, and covers material of historical interest, as well as recent developments in Angola, Kuwait, and Haiti.

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Stefan Talmon, author

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