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The Sources of International Law (2nd Edition)

Hugh Thirlway


In recent years States have made more and more extensive use of the International Court of Justice for the judicial settlement of disputes. Despite being declared by the Courts Statute to have no binding force for States other than the parties to the case, its decisions have come to constitute a body of jurisprudence that is frequently invoked in other disputes, in international negotiation, and in academic writing. This jurisprudence, covering a wide range of aspects of international law, is the subject of considerable ongoing academic examination. It needs, however, to be seen against the background, and in the light, of the Courts structure, jurisdiction, and operation, and the principles applied in these domains. The second edition of this book provides an updated, accessible, and comprehensive study of this aspect of the Court, and in particular of its procedure.

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Hugh Thirlway, author

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The Sources of International Law, 2nd Edition by Thirlway, Hugh