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Part V Military Use of Outer Space, 20 The Military Use of Outer Space and International Law

From: Studies in International Space Law

Bin Cheng

From: Oxford Public International Law (http://opil.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2022. All Rights Reserved.date: 26 November 2022

Outer space — Military matters — Weapons of mass destruction
It may be helpful at the outset to make certain preliminary observations, which may assist in understanding my approach to the subject. Contrary to a view which has not completely disappeared, outer space and celestial bodies are, in inter-State relations, from the very beginning subject to international law, and not a virgin slate for which every rule has to be newly fashioned and hence can be created from fresh thoughts and attitudes free from the contamination of terrestrial strives and conflicts.5 At the initial stage of the space age, celestial bodies,...
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