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Doctrine, Practice, and Advocacy in the Inter-American Human Rights System

James L. Cavallaro, Claret Vargas, Clara Sandoval, Bernard Duhaime, Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, Stephanie Erin Brewer, Diana Guzman, Cecilia Naddeo


This book about the inter-American human rights system combines a comprehensive case-based review of the system’s jurisprudence and procedures with practice-oriented discussions to enable English-speaking students and practitioners to apply the system for addressing human rights violations in the Americas. In addition to using case excerpts from the Inter-American Commission and Court to illustrate the system’s jurisprudence in each area of human rights, the book employs case studies to survey the real-world impact of the system’s decisions in the countries under its jurisdiction. It provides analysis on a wide range of practical issues that advocates face when interacting with the Commission or Court and explores current debates on possible reforms of the system. It also provides materials that consider the political dynamics that empower and constrain the system, including ones covering the process of selection of members of the Inter-American Commission and judges on the Court, as well as budgetary and personnel decisions that directly affect the system’s human rights bodies. It also focuses on providing the foundations for interdisciplinary, strategic, and practical approaches to the Inter-American Human Rights System. The book brings together the current doctrine and practice of the Inter-American Commission and Inter-American Court, as well as analysis of the historical, political, and social context in which these bodies operate. Its point of departure is a critical look at the real-world successes and failures of the system and human rights advocates in the Americas, including the tensions and trade-offs commonly confronted by activists as they seek to advance human rights.

Bibliographic Information

James L. Cavallaro, author

Claret Vargas, author

Clara Sandoval, author

Bernard Duhaime, author

Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, author

Stephanie Erin Brewer, author

Diana Guzman, author

Cecilia Naddeo, author

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