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Human Rights in Criminal Proceedings

Stefan Trechsel


During the last 50 years, interest in human rights has grown dramatically. While newspapers focus mainly on dramatic issues such as unlawful killing, torture, disappearances, or violations of freedom of speech, institutions charged with the implementation of human rights (as set out in international conventions and covenants) most frequently deal with allegations of human rights violations during criminal proceedings. The increasing internationalisation of the administration of criminal law means that such cases are likely to become ever more important. This book examines the case-law of the international bodies dealing with such cases. The European Commission and the European Court of Human Rights, in particular, have accumulated a considerable quantity of case-law, which is particularly interesting because it is intended to be valid in both Anglo-Saxon and Continental systems of criminal procedure. The law of the European Convention on Human Rights is emphasised because of its advanced procedures and the quality and quantity of its case-law.

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