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Celebrating 2,000 case notes on ILDC

The 2000th Case note
on ILDC analyses a case from the Third Chamber of Chile’s Supreme Court. This case note discusses the protection of specific rights conferred on an indigenous group, with regards to the development of land considered to be of historical and symbolic value to the community.

It is a wonderful example of the way in which international law can be writ large in domestic legal orders.

The case represents a victory of the cultural rights of an indigenous community in Latin America, and is an example of the constitutionalization of international human rights standards in the region.

More detail, along with translated excerpts of the original Spanish-language judgement, can be found here.

To celebrate reaching this milestone, we’ve picked out the top 10 accessed case notes from the last 12 months, and made them freely available to read:

International Tin Council Case: JH Rayner (Mincing Lane) Ltd v Department of Trade and Industry, Decision on appeal.
26th October 1989, United Kingdom; House of Lords.

Federal Republic of Germany v Ferrini and Ferrini, Appeal judgment
21st January 2014, Italy; Supreme Court of Cassation

Khurts Bat and Mongolia (intervening) v Investigating Judge of the German Federal Court and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (intervening), Appeal decision
29th July 2011, United Kingdom; England and Wales; High Court [HC]; Queen's Bench Division [QBD]; Administrative Court

R. v Jones (Margaret) and ors, Appeal Judgment
29th March 2006, United Kingdom; House of Lords [HL]

Secession of Quebec, Re, Reference to Supreme Court
20th August 1998, Canada; Supreme Court [SCC]

Trendtex Trading Corporation v Central Bank of Nigeria, Appeal decision
13th January 1977, United Kingdom

Expulsion of aliens working on a Dutch barge travelling the Rhine X and Y v Immigration office in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Judgment
28th January 2013, Germany; Administrative Court [VG]

Roper v Simmons (Christopher), Supreme Court judgment
1st March 2005, United States; Supreme Court [US]

Lawrence and Garner v Texas, Appeal Judgment
26th June 2003, United States; Supreme Court [US]

R., ex parte Pinochet v Bartle and ors, Appeal
24th March 1999, United Kingdom; House of Lords [HL]