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Tenth anniversary ESIL conference quiz

On Thursday 4 September the tenth anniversary conference of the European Society of International Law kicks off in Vienna. In celebration, we have put together a little quiz. Eleven cities have had the honour of hosting an ESIL conference or research symposium since the first in 2004. Each place is the answer to one of these questions. See if you can match the international law event to the right city.

In order to help navigate your way through the quiz, we are happy to provide two weeks' free access to Oxford Public International Law via the below username and password:

Username: gratisuser307

Password: onlineaccess307

Good luck!

  1. This city is the birth place of what is often considered the world’s first international organisation.

  2. The government seated in this city started an ICJ case over objections to the building of a bridge in another state’s territorial waters, which it feared would impede passage of its drill ships and rigs of up to 150 meters in height.

  3. After conquest by James I, the Middle Age kingdom centred around this city adopted a famous set of charters imposing checks and balances on the Royal House, nobility, and Church.

  4. Samuel Pufendorf, Lassa Oppenheim, and Hans Kelsen all studied at this city’s famous university.

  5. A Soviet secret security agent operating on the territory of the government that has its seat in this city was convicted for crimes against humanity in 2000 for shooting and killing three members of the armed resistance in the 1940s.

  6. The flood of this city prompted UNESCO to start work on the Draft Convention concerning the Protection of Monuments, Groups of Buildings and Sites of Universal Value.

  7. This is the site of the only ESIL conference held in a country that has never been a party to contentious proceedings before the PCIJ or ICJ.

  8. Grotius was born in this city [hint: the publishing imprint, not the man], which we predict has a higher proportion of international lawyers than any other place where ESIL conferences have been held.

  9. More post-1945 multilateral treaties have been signed here than anywhere else.

  10. This city was the site of a 1877 secret treaty in which Austria-Hungary promised Russia neutrality in Russia’s military confrontation with the Ottoman Empire in exchange for Russian acceptance of the Austria-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  11. In the 2000s, this city had to defend itself in US courts against claims that it had illegally acquired a number of paintings by Russian artist Kazimir Malewicz, brought by Malewicz’s heirs.

How did you do? Check the answers.