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International Day of UN Peacekeepers

Honoring 70 years of UN Peacekeeping

This year marks the 70th anniversary of United Nations peacekeeping operations, which began back in May 1948 with the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 50, and the establishment of the UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO). Since then, 71 peacekeeping operations have been authorized, and today there are more than 110,000 UN peacekeepers currently deployed in 14 operations around the world. 

Current Operations:
MINURSO, Western Sahara
MINUSCA, Central African Republic
MONUSCO, D.R. of the Congo
UNAMID, Darfur
UNDOF, Golan
UNIFIL, Lebanon
UNMIK, Kosovo
UNMISS, South Sudan
UNMOGIP, India and Pakistan
UNTSO, Middle East

In honor of International Day of UN Peacekeepers on May 29th, and in recognition of 70 years of peacekeeping operations, we have put together a collection of scholarly content detailing the international legal aspects of peacekeeping.

Image: By Official photographer of the US Embassy (Facebook profile of the US Embassy Ghana) Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons