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ESIL 2019 Collection - Sovereignty: A concept in flux?

"The principle of sovereignty, ie of supreme authority within a territory, is a pivotal principle of modern international law. What counts as sovereignty depends on the nature and structure of the international legal order and vice-versa [...] Curiously for such a pivotal concept, but maybe precisely because it is such, its meaning has been changing across historical and political contexts and has also been heavily contested at any given time and space."  - Samantha Besson, 'Sovereignty', Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law

In honour of the European Society of International Law 2019 conference, held on the 12-14 September in Athens, we have curated a collection of articles and book chapters on this year's theme of 'Sovereignty: A concept in flux?'.

All content from the Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law, OSAIL, OSO, and the selected journals below is free to read until 30 November 2019.


10 Key Sovereignty Terms from the Max Planck Encyclopedias of International Law



Protectorates and Protected States



State Immunity

States, Sovereign Equality

State Succession in Treaties

Territory, Acquisition

Territorial Change, Effects of 

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Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law

Sovereign States as International Persons
Oppenheim's International Law: Volume 1 Peace (9th Edition), edited by Robert Jennings and Arthur Watts KCMG QC, 2008

Article 4: Protection of Sovereignty
The United Nations Convention Against Corruption: A Commentary, edited by Cecily Rose, Michael Kubiciel, and Oliver Landwehr, 2019

Structural Principles, Ch.16 Sovereignty
The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law, edited by Dinah Shelton, 2013

Statehood and Recognition
International Law in Domestic Courts: A Casebook, edited by André Nollkaemper, August Reinisch, Ralph Janik, and Florentina Simlinger, 2018

Forms of Governmental Authority over Territory
Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law (8th Edition), edited by James R Crawford, 2012

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Oxford Scholarship Online

Western Sahara Boundary Marker
International Law's Objects, edited by Jessie Hohmann and Daniel Joyce, 2018

The Claim of Sovereignty in International Law and against International Law
Sovereignty: A Contribution to the Theory of Public and International Law, by Hermann Heller and David Dyzenhaus, 2019

Sovereignty and Executive Power
Sovereignty and the New Executive Authority, edited by Claire Finkelstein and Michael Skerker, 2018

Non-Participation in Compulsory Procedures of Dispute Settlement
The Judicialization of International Law: A Mixed Blessing?, edited by Andreas Follesdal and Geir Ulfstein, 2018

Sovereign Debt Crises: A Problem of Debt Management?
Sovereign Debt and Human Rights, edited by Ilias Bantekas and Cephas Lumina, 2019

Jean Bodin, Popular Sovereignty, and Constitutional Government
Popular Sovereignty in Early Modern Constitutional Thought, by Daniel Lee, 2016

The Principles of Constitutionalism, by N. W. Barber, 2018

Divided Sovereignty: The Principal–Agent Model
Divided Sovereignty: International Institutions and the Limits of State Authority, by Carmen Pavel, 2014

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Oxford Journals

Explore a collection of journal articles on the theme of 'Sovereignty' from a range of law journals published by Oxford University Press.

Further Reading

The Misery of International Law

How International Law Works in Times of Crisis

Brownlie's Principles of Pubilc International Law

The Oxford Handbook of Jurisdiction in International Law

International Law's Objects

International Law in Domestic Courts: A Casebook

International Migration Law

Oxford Handbook of Comparative Foreign Relations Law



The International Rule of Law: Rise or Decline?

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Commentary




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