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10 Years of Online Law Publishing from Oxford


This year marks ten years of online law publishing from Oxford University Press.  The last decade has seen great innovations take place within digital publishing. Oxford has embraced these changes and led the way with an ever-growing suite of online products.

Law first went digital back in 2006 with International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC). ILDC collects and analyses court decisions on key issues of international law and has revolutionised research on the interpretation and application of international law at the national level.

Since 2006 Oxford's portfolio of online products has expanded to include two product families and two standalone products, Oxford Public International Law, Oxford Legal Research Library, Investment Claims and Oxford Competition Law. These products represent publishing from across the legal spectrum and feature renowned authors and legal content from around the world.

ILDC at 10Discover more about the early development of ILDC, in this introductory article by editors-in-chief André Nollkaemper and August Reinisch, former editor-in-chief Erika de Wet, and OUP’s John Louth. 

Birgit Peters, Associate Editor for ILDC (Universität Rostock) discusses the contribution of national courts to the international law on state immunity from civil jurisdiction.

Explore the top 10 most consulted ILDC cases, and learn what makes these cases particularly fascinating to practitioners and scholars alike.

Christian Djeffal, examines the rise of treaty making since 1945, and the issues of static and evolutive treaty interpretation before the German Federal Constitutional Court, in The NATO-Treaty on Wheels?  

Gregor Novak, Associate Editor for ILDC (University of Vienna) examines three notable cases from Canada, Germany, and Japan, illustrating the dual utility of domestic court decisions dealing with international law. 

Watch our ILDC videos with the Editors in Chief of our online law resource. 


Explore some of the recent most visited content from Oxford law online with the top ten title lists below.

Oxford Reports on International Law

1. Lawless v Ireland (No 3)   Read this case

Lawless v Ireland, Judgment on Merits, App no 332/57 (A/3), [1961] ECHR 2, (1961) 1 EHRR 15, IHRL 1 (ECHR 1961), 1st July 1961, European Court of Human Rights [ECtHR]

2. S.S. "Lotus", France v Turkey, Judgment, (1927)   Read this case

PCIJ Series A no 10, ICGJ 248 (PCIJ 1927), 7th September 1927, Permanent Court of International Justice (historical) [PCIJ]

3. Reparation for injuries suffered in the service of the Nations, Advisory Opinion, [1949]   Read this case

ICJ Rep 174, ICGJ 232 (ICJ 1949), 11th April 1949, International Court of Justice [ICJ]

4. Factory At Chorzów, Germany v Poland, Judgment, Claim for Indemnity, Merits, Judgment No 13, (1928)   Read this case

PCIJ Series A No 17, ICGJ 255 (PCIJ 1928), 13th September 1928, Permanent Court of International Justice (historical) [PCIJ]

5. Corfu Channel, United Kingdom v Albania, Judgment, Merits, ICJ GL No 1, [1949]   Read this case

ICJ Rep 4, ICGJ 199 (ICJ 1949), 9th April 1949, International Court of Justice [ICJ]

6. United States Diplomatic and Consular Staff in Tehran, United States v Iran, Judgment   Read this case

ICJ GL No 64, [1980] ICJ Rep 3, ICGJ 124 (ICJ 1980), 24th May 1980, International Court of Justice [ICJ]

7. North Sea Continental Shelf, Germany v Denmark, Merits, Judgment, (1969)   Read this case

ICJ Rep 3, ICGJ 150 (ICJ 1969), 20th February 1969, International Court of Justice [ICJ]

8. Island of Palmas Case (or Miangas), United States v Netherlands, Award, (1928)   Read this case

II RIAA 829, ICGJ 392 (PCA 1928), 4th April 1928, Permanent Court of Arbitration [PCA]

9. Gabčikovo-Nagymaros Project, Hungary v Slovakia, Judgment, Merits, ICJ GL No 92, [1997]   Read this case

ICJ Rep 7, [1997] ICJ Rep 88, (1998) 37 ILM 162, ICGJ 66 (ICJ 1997), 25th September 1997, International Court of Justice [ICJ]

10. Khurts Bat and Mongolia (intervening) v Investigating Judge of the German Federal Court and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (intervening), Appeal decision, [2011]  Read this case

EWHC 2029 (Admin), [2012] 3 WLR 180, [2011] All ER (D) 293, [2011] ACD 111, ILDC 1779 (UK 2011), 29th July 2011, Administrative Court


Oxford Historical Treaties

1. Capitulation of Johore, Pahang and Riau to the Netherlands East India Company (the Netherlands), signed on Board the Vessel Utrecht before Riau, 1 November 1784   Read the treaty

2. Treaty between the East India Co. (Great Britain) and Cochin, signed at Cochin, 6 January 1791   Read the treaty

3. Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Italy and Nicaragua, signed at Managua, 25 January 1906   Read the treaty

4. Capitulation between Russia and Turkey, signed 3 October 1877   Read the treaty

5. Treaty between Austria and Russia respecting the Passage of Russian Troops, signed at Vienna, 20 January 1808   Read the treaty

6. Treaty between France and Dabou (West Africa), signed at Dabou, 9 December 1886   Read the treaty

7. Treaty of Peace between England and Algiers, 10 November 1662   Read the treaty

8. Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Great Britain and Nicaragua, signed at Managua, 11 February 1860   Read the treaty

9.  Paris Peace Treaty (1856) Read the treaty

10. Treaty between Great Britain and the King and Chiefs of Umon, Cross River (Africa), signed at Umon Island, 8 January 1888   Read the treaty


Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law

1. Vienna Conventions on the Law of Treaties: A Commentary   Read Volume I, Preamble 1969 Vienna Convention 

2. Law of International Responsibility   Read Part 1 Introduction

3. Oxford Companion to International Criminal Justice   Read Collective Violence and International Crimes

4. Commentary on the UN Charter   Read Part One, General Introduction

5. Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law   Read Part I Preliminary Topics, Introduction

6. Oppenheim's International Law   Read Ch.1 Foundation of international law, The Nature of International Law

7. Commentary on the UN Charter   Read Ch.I Purposes and Principles, Article 1

8. Statute of the International Court of Justice: A Commentary   Read Part One Introduction, General Introduction

9. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

10. The Creation of States in International Law   Read Part I The Concept of Statehood in International Law, Ch.1 Statehood and Recognition


Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Law

1. Self-Determination   Read the entry

2. Arrest Warrant Case (Democratic Republic of the Congo v Belgium)   Read the entry

3. Referendum   Read the entry

4. Intervention by Invitation   Read the entry

5. Armed Attack   Read the entry

6. Heads of State   Read the entry

7. Senkaku/Diaoyu   Read the entry

8. Law of the Sea, Settlement of Disputes   Read the entry

9. Intervention, Prohibition of   Read the entry

10. United Nations and International Humanitarian Law   Read the entry


Investment Claims

1. International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution   Read 1. Introduction

2. Principles of International Investment Law   Read 1. History, Sources, and Nature of International Investment Law

3. The Oxford Handbook of International Investment Law   Read Chapter 1 Policy Issues

4. Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration   Read An Overview of International Arbitration

5. Investor-State Arbitration   Read 1. Introduction

6. The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules   Read (as revised in 2010)

7. Calculation of Compensation and Damages in International Investment Law   Read 1. Introduction

8. Corruption in International Investment Arbitration   Read 1. Introductory Chapter: Arbitrating Transnational Corruption

9. Chinese Investment Treaties: Policies and Practice   Read 1. International Investment in China and the Bit Programme

10. Faull and Nikpay: The EU Law of Competition Read 1. The Economics of Competition


Oxford Competition Law

1. Bellamy and Child: European Union Law of Competition (7th Edition)   Read 1. Introduction

2. Competition Law (8th Edition)   Read 1. Introduction

3. Faull & Nikpay: The EU Law of Competition (3rd Edition)   Read 1. The Economics of Competition

4. EU Competition Procedure (3rd Edition)   Read 1. The Institutional Framework

5. European Union Law of State Aid (2nd Edition)   Read 1. Introduction to State aid law and policy

6. UK Competition Law: The New Framework   Read 1. Introduction

7. EU Merger Control: A Legal and Economic Analysis   Read 1. Introduction

8. Damages Claims for the Infringement of EU Competition Law   Read 1. Introduction

9. Economics for Competition Lawyers   Read 1. Introduction: Starting From First Principles

10. European Union Law of State Aid   Read 1. Introduction to State aid law and policy


Private International Law

1. Cheshire, North & Fawcett: Private International Law (14th Edition)   Read Definition, Nature, and Scope of Private International Law

2. The Brussels I Regulation Recast   Read Background and Introduction to the Regulation

3. Private International Law in English Courts   Read Introduction and Plan

4. International Commercial Litigation (2nd Edition)   Read 1. Introduction

5. Agreements on Jurisdiction and Choice of Law   Read 1. Introduction and Scheme

6. Substance and Procedure in Private International Law   Read 1. Introduction

7. Intellectual Property and Private International Law (2nd Edition)   Read 1. Creation and validity of intellectual property rights: Jurisdiction

8. Freedom of Establishment and Private International Law for Corporations   Read 1. National Choice of Law for Corporations

9. Choice-of-court Agreements under the European and International Instruments: The Revised Brussels I Regulation, the Lugano Convention, and the Hague Convention   Read 1. Coming into force of the Hague Convention

10. The Anti-Suit Injunction   Read 1. Introduction


Financial and Banking Law

1. The Law of Security and Title-Based Financing (2nd Edition)   Read Introduction

2. The Law and Practice of International Banking (2nd Edition)   Read The Regulation of Deposit-Taking Business

3. EU Securities and Financial Markets Regulation (3rd Edition)   Read Introduction

4. International Financial Disputes: Arbitration and Mediation   Read 1. The Modern Role of Arbitration in Banking and Finance

5. International Project Finance: Law and Practice (2nd Edition)   Read 1. Introduction

6. Set-Off in Arbitration and Commercial Transactions   Read 1. Introductory Remarks

7. Transnational Securities Law   Read 1. The Best Rules for Non-Intermediated Securities

8. Financial Services Law (3rd Edition)   Read 1. UK Financial Services Reform

9. Mann on the Legal Aspect of Money (7th Edition)   Read 1. Introduction, The Concept of Money and Monetary Systems

10. Principles of International Financial Law (2nd Edition)   Read 1. Introduction


International Commercial Arbitration

1. Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration (6th Edition)   Read An Overview of International Arbitration

2. Treaty Interpretation in Investment Arbitration   Read 1. Introduction

3. Third Parties in International Commercial Arbitration   Read 1. Introduction

4. Research and Practice in International Commercial Arbitration: Sources and Strategies   Read 1. Research and Practice in International Commercial Arbitration

5. The Coordination of Multiple Proceedings in Investment Treaty Arbitration   Read 1. Introduction and Delimitation of the Subject

6. Arbitration of International Business Disputes: Studies in Law and Practice (2nd Edition)

7. Consent in International Arbitration   Read 1. Introduction

8. International Investment Arbitration : Substantive Principles   Read 1. Introduction

9. International Arbitration: Law and Practice in Switzerland   Read 1. The Concept and Sources of Arbitration

10. Damages in International Arbitration under Complex Long-term Contracts   Read 1. Introduction


International Commercial Law

1. Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) (3rd Edition)   Read 1. Introduction

2. Global Sales and Contract Law   Read 1. Introduction

3. The International Sale of Goods (3rd Edition)   Read 1. Introduction

4. Carriage of Goods by Sea (2nd Edition)   Read 1. The Business of Carriage of Goods

5. Letters of Credit: The Law and Practice of Compliance   Read Part I Setting Up a Letter of Credit Transaction

6. The Sale of Goods (3rd Edition)   Read 1. Introduction and Conclusion of the Contract

7. The Rome II Regulation: The Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations   Read Introductory Topics, 1. Background

8. Electronic Documents in Maritime Trade: Law and Practice   Read 1. Introduction

9. Transnational Commercial Law: Texts, Cases and Materials (2nd Edition)   Read 1. The Nature, History, and Sources of Commercial Law

10. The Rome I Regulation on the Law Applicable to Contractual Obligations   Read 1. All Roads Lead to Rome