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From the Editorial Director

Oxford University Press is a leading publisher of law for academics and practitioners. With over 200 law books published each year, over 40 law journals, and a number of online research services, Oxford products and services are used across the world to inform research and support advice and decision-making. We publish high quality content from leading experts in pursuit of our mission; excellence in research; and in so doing, we partner with leading societies and professional associations, research institutes, and governmental and international institutions.

Increasingly, researchers are looking to digital resources to find information on specialist areas of legal scholarship and practice, and at OUP we ensure that our online resources bring the same criteria of high quality content from leading experts so that our users have ready access to reliable and authoritative materials.

This Summer, we’re aiming to bring a whole new level of performance and value to our online services when we migrate to a new platform. We understand that a switch of platforms can send shudders through even the most hardy of information managers and leave users feeling apprehensive of the amount of time and effort required to get up and running in a new environment. We want to reassure you that we have sought to keep the user experience at the centre of our requirements and that we are planning to make the transition as seamless, and painless, as possible. We want users to spend their time using the content in our online services, not wondering how to get to the content in those services, and we’ll be working with you to make sure you have the information and support you need.

Investment Claims, Oxford Reports on International Law, and the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law will migrate into a specially developed research environment. They will all benefit from:

  • An improved interface and better functionality
  • Clearer tools for browsing and searching
  • Easier access to information about citations
  • Personalisation options, to allow users to save frequently used content

These improvements ensure that users get to the information they need, quickly, easily, and in a way which allows them to complete the task at hand, as well as providing all the information needed to inform onward research and ease of access to key materials.

Andy Redman
Editorial Director, Law
Oxford University Press