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Part IV The Content of International Responsibility, Ch.51.1 Responsibility for Violations of Human Rights Obligations: International Mechanisms »

Susan Marks, Fiorentina Azizi
From: The Law of International Responsibility
Edited By: James Crawford, Alain Pellet, Simon Olleson, Kate Parlett
In a lecture delivered in 2000 Alain Pellet took up the subject of ‘ “human rightism” and international law’.1 Explaining his use of the term ‘human rightism’, he noted that this phrase might be deployed in a number of different ways. For example, it might be used to criticize the moralism of human rights activists, and to highlight the dangers associated with the transformation of human rights into a secular religion. Pellet expressed some sympathy with these concerns, but stated that for him the primary meaning of human rightism is more ‘neutral’ and technical,...