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Accretion »

Ram P Anand†
1 Accretion is the natural process of growth, slow addition of soil material, such as clay, silt, sand, or gravel, to land by deposition through the operation of natural causes. The land is added by the gradual or imperceptible accumulation of such material to a bank or a shore. The act of adding of soil or land to the land or soil already in possession of the owner by gradual deposition of water-borne sediments is the process known as accretion. The sand or soil which form firm ground are known as alluvion. The terms alluvion and accretion are often used...

New States and International Law »

Ram P Anand†
1 International law is generally understood to be universally binding on all State s in equal measure in their relations with each other (Universality). It is defined and described by scholars and statesmen alike as a law which makes no distinction between nations. As Oppenheim and Jennings point out: ‘International law does not recognize any distinction in the membership of the international community based on religious, geographical, or cultural differences’ (at 87). As soon as States emerge as independent and fulfil the criteria of statehood (Sovereignty;...