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Part III Technique—Innovation in Treaty-Making at the United Nations, Ch.33 The Role of the United Nations in Promoting Transparency in the International Treaty Framework: a view through the registration and publication of treaties under article 102 of the charter of the united nations »

Jonathan Agar, Christel Mobech
From: The Oxford Handbook of United Nations Treaties
Simon Chesterman, David M. Malone, Santiago Villalpando
This chapter explores the role played by the United Nations in promoting transparency in the international treaty framework, as mandated under Article 102 of the Charter on the registration and publication of treaties. Beginning with an exploration of the historical origins of Article 102, an overview is provided of the role played by the different organs of the Organization in the registration and publication process. Drawing on the thousands of entries in the UN electronic treaty database, as well as the practice of the Secretariat of the United Nations in exercising its functions under Article 102, the chapter further explores some key trends in global treaty-making activity. Finally, consideration is given to the challenges faced by the Organization in realizing the aims of Article 102 and how the registration and publication process could be reinvigorated through action by member states in the General Assembly.