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New Content Available

June 4, 2014

With its latest update the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law adds 15 new and 46 updated articles. Find a complete list of new content below.

New Articles

Article Author(s)
Arms Control Adrian Loets
Enemies and Enemy Subjects Adrian Loets
Expropriation and Nationalization Alice Ruzza
Havana Club Case Christian Riffel
Korea Deok-Young Park
Caspian Sea Farhad Talaie
Financial Derivatives, International Regulation Johanna Dickschen
Vital Interests Julian Udich
Criminal Responsibility, Modes of Kai Ambos
Non-Self-Governing Territories Makane Moïse Mbengue
Open Skies Regime Manuel Brunner
Rhodesia/Zimbabwe Martin Schaub
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON/CMEA) Pál Sonnevend
Decolonization: British Territories Pietro Sullo
Capitulation, Military Tim René Salomon


Updated Articles

Article Author(s)
Judicial Settlement of International Disputes Alain Pellet
Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes Alain Pellet
Sanctions Alain Pellet and Alina Miron
Pacifism Anke Biehler
Special Rapporteurs of Human Rights Bodies Antje C Berger
Humanitarian Assistance in Cases of Emergency Budislav Vukas
Uniting for Peace Resolution (1950) Christina Binder
European Schools Christine Fuchs
International Union of Lawyers (UIA) Dorota Lost-Sieminska
Distress Elena Fasoli
Collective Security Erika de Wet and Sir Michael Wood
European Union, Historical Evolution Franz C Mayer and Imke Stanik
North American Free Trade Agreement, Case-Law Frederick M Abbott
Humanity, Principle of  Geoffrey S Corn
European Community and Union Law and Domestic (Municipal) Law Giorgio Gaja
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Hans-Peter Gasser
European Common Foreign and Security Policy Hanspeter Neuhold
International (Humanitarian) Fact-Finding Commission Heike Spieker
Humanitarian Assistance, Access in Armed Conflict and Occupation Heike Spieker
Weapons of Mass Destruction Hendrik A Strydom
Contiguous Zone Hugo Caminos
Somalia, Conflict Jan Amilcar Schmidt
De Facto Regime Jochen A Frowein
Council of Europe (COE) Jörg Polakiewicz
Reproductive Rights, International Regulation Julia Gebhard and Diana Trimiño Mora
Stateless Persons Katja Göcke
Nuclear Powered Ships Kazuhiro Nakatani
Internment  Marco Sassòli
European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) Mario Oetheimer and Guillem Cano Palomares
Autonomy Markku Suksi
Divided States Markku Suksi
Non-State Actors Markus Wagner
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Michael Schoiswohl
Assembly, Freedom of, International Protection Norman Weiß
Reasonableness in International Law Olivier Corten
Consular Functions Paweł Czubik and Piotr Szwedo
Consular Jurisdiction Paweł Czubik and Piotr Szwedo
Lump Sum Agreements Roland Bank and Friederike Foltz
Forum non conveniens Ronald A Brand
International Courts and Tribunals, Evidence Rüdiger Wolfrum and Mirka Möldner
Individuals in International Law Simone Gorski
State Practice Sir Michael Wood and Omri Sender
ERTA Case Stefan Kadelbach
Tuva Toomas Alatalu and Michael Strupp
Weapons, Prohibited William Boothby
World Health Organization (WHO) Yves Beigbeder