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ORIL Update - April 2018

April 30, 2018


For April 2018, Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL) adds 48 cases.


Title Author OUP ID
Gabriel Resources Ltd and Gabriel Resources (Jersey) Ltd v Romania, Procedural Order No 7, ICSID Case No ARB/15/31; IIC 1314 (2018), 16 January 2018   IIC 1314 (2018)
Vito G Gallo v Canada, Procedural Order No 1 (amended), PCA Case No 55798; IIC 1301 (2009), 10 March 2009   IIC 1301 (2009)
Amicus Curiae Prosecutor v Akhbar Beirut S.A.L. Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Al Amin – Decision on interlocutory appeal concerning personal jurisdiction in contempt proceedings, Pre-trial, Case no STL-14-06/PT/AP/AR126.1 Gabriella Cinque ICL 1042 (STL 2015)
Amicus Curiae Prosecutor v Akhbar Beirut S.A.L. Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Al Amin – Decision on the Motion for disqualification of Judge Lettieri, Case no STL-14-06/PT/OTH/R25 Gabriella Cinque ICL 1043 (STL 2014)
Prosecutor v Ayyash and ors, Decision on the admission of call sequence tables related to the movements of Mr Rafik Hariri and related events, and four witness statements, Case no STL-11-01/T/TC Kerry Sun ICL 1045 (STL 2016)
Prosecutor v Ayyash et alia, Decision on five Prosecution Motions on Call Sequence Tables and Eight Witness Statements and on the Legality of the Transfer of Call Data Records to UNIIIC and STL's Prosecution, Case no STL 11-01/T/TC Wahida Omari ICL 1050 (STL 2015)
Žaja v Croatia, Admissibility, merits and just satisfaction, App no 37462/00 Nikoleta Bitterová IHRL 3993 (ECHR 2016)
Volkov v Ukraine, Merits, App No 21722/11; ECHR 2013-I Daniel Kaasik IHRL 4013 (ECHR 2013)
Prosecutor v Muhimana, Judgment, Case no ICTR-95-1B-A Elizabeth Santalla Vargas ICL 692 (ICTR 2007)
Jovic and ors v L-3 Services Inc and Engility Holdings Inc, Trial court motions judgment, 69 F Supp 3d 750 (E D IL 2014) Ella Gladman, Kevin Wiatrak ILDC 2477 (US 2014)
Prosecutor v Ndindabahizi, Appeals Judgment, Case no ICTR-01-71-A John Leung ICL 847 (ICTR 2007)
Prosecutor v Martić, Appeals Judgment, Case no IT-95-11-A Elizabeth Santalla Vargas ICL 750 (ICTY 2008)
Prosecutor v Ayyash et alia, Decision on the admissibility of documents published on WikiLeaks Website, Case no STL-11-01/T/TC Brenda Mwale ICL 1051 (STL 2015)
Muthaura, Kenyatta, Ali case, Prosecutor v Francis Kirimi Muthaura, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Mohammed Hussein Ali, Decision on the Prosecutor’s Application for Summonses to Appear for Francis Kirimi Muthaura, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Mohammed Hussein Ali, Case no ICC-01/09-02/11 Marthe Riché ICL 914 (ICC 2011)
Prosecutor v Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, Judgment on the Prosecutor’s appeal against the decision of Trial Chamber II entitled “Judgment pursuant to article 74 of the Statute”, Case No ICC-01/04-02/12-271-Corr, 7 April 2015 Kate L M Smith ICL 1667 (ICC 2015)
Luis Ernesto Campos Bolaños v The High Court for Childhood and Adolescence, Amparo for Constitutional Rights Protection, 421-08 Gianfranco Smith ILDC 1654 (PA 2009)
In re South African Apartheid Litigation, District Court judgment, 15 FSupp3d 454 (SDNY 2014) Danielle Caputo ILDC 2202 (US 2014)
Gabriel Ricardo D A v Criminal Chamber of the High Court (Audiencia Nacional), Constitutional appeal (recurso de amparo), STC 31/2013 Miguel Angel Elizalde Carranza ILDC 2523 (ES 2013)
Ezeiruaku v Bull, Appeal judgment, 617 F App’x 179 (3d Cir 2015) Chidera Anyanwu ILDC 2486 (US 2015)
Prosecutor v Ayyash and ors, Decision on Appeal by Counsel for Mr Oneissi against the Trial Chamber’s Decision on the Legality of the Transfer of Call Data Records, Case no STL-11-01/T/AC/AR126.9 Damian Etone ICL 1052 (STL 2015)
Prosecutor v Hassan Habib Mehri, Public Redacted Version of the “Decision Relating to the Examination of the Indictment of 5 June 2013 Issued Against Mr Hassan Habib Mehri” Dated 31 July 2013, Case no S T L-13-04/I!PT J Brenda Mwale ICL 1060 (STL 2013)
Independent Counsel v Taylor, Judgment in contempt proceedings, Case no SCSL-12-02-A Kerry Sun ICL 1062 (SCSL 2013)
Jürgen Wirtgen, Stefan Wirtgen, Gisela Wirtgen and JSW Solar (zwei) GmbH & Co KG v The Czech Republic, Final Award, PCA Case No 2014-03; IIC 1311 (2017), 11 October 2017   IIC 1311 (2017)
Prosecutor v Tharcisse Muvunyi, Judgment, Case no ICTR-2000-55A-T Silvina Sánchez Mera ICL 943 (ICTR 2010)
The Prosecutor v Bosco Ntaganda, Judgment on the appeal of Mr Bosco Ntaganda against the “Decision on Defence requests seeking disclosure orders and a declaration of Prosecution obligation to record contacts with witnesses”, ICC-01/04-02/06-1330 Stanislas Talontsi ICL 1651 (ICC 2016)
Situation in the Republic of Côte D’Ivoire, Prosecutor v Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé, Decision of the Trial Chamber I on the Prosecution’s application to conditionally admit the prior recorded statements and related documents in relation to Witnesses P-0106, P-0107, P-0117 and P-0578 under rule 68(3) of 11 October 2016, Case no ICC-02/11-01/15-722-Red Eniko Sandor ICL 1721 (ICC 2016)
Case 004/01, Co-Prosecutors v [REDACTED], Consideration on [REDACTED] Appeal against the International Co-Investigating Judge’s Decision to Charge Her in Absentia, Case No 004/01/07-09-2009-ECCC/OCIJ Thuy Linh Nguyen ICL 1731 (ECCC 2016)
Prosecutor v Bosco Ntaganda, Decision on Defence request seeking certain material relating to review of restrictions placed on Mr Ntaganda’s contacts, 3 June 2016, ICC-01/04-02/06-1364-Conf-Exp?, Case no ICC-01/04-02/06-1364-Red2 Vanessa Hernández ICL 1729 (ICC 2016)
Prosecutor v Sam Hinga Norman, Moinina Fofana and Allieu Kondewa, Decision on the Second Accused’s motion for service and arraignment on the Consolidated Indictment John Leung ICL 1017 (SCSL 2004)
Prosecutor v Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé , Decision on the submission and admission of evidence Beatrice Tesconi ICL 1699 (ICC 2016)
On the settlement of the issue concerning the possibility of enforcing the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 31 July 2014 in the case of JSC Oil company “YUKOS” v Russia’ upon the enquiry of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, Constitutional proceedings, No 1-P Sergey Marochkin, Alexander Grigoriev, Elena Rechapova ILDC 2648 (RU 2017)
Prosecution v Nuon Chea and Others, Order Assigning Experts to Assess the Accused’s Fitness to Stand Trial, Doc No E389, Case No 002/19-09-2007-ECCC/TC Liemertje Sieders ICL 1734 (ECCC 2016)
Situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Prosecutor v Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, Order Pursuant to Rule 103 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, Case no ICC-01/04-01/06-3217-Teng Eleni Methymaki ICL 1713 (ICC 2016)
Case 003, Co-Prosecutors v [REDACTED], Considerations on [REDACTED] Appeal against the International Judge’s Re-Issued Decision on [REDACTED] Motion to Strike the International Co-Prosecutor’s Supplementary Submission, Case no 003/07-09-2009-ECCC/OCIJ Thuy Linh Nguyen ICL 1742 (ECCC 2016)
Case 002, Co-Prosecutors v Nuon (Chea) and Khieu (Samphan), Decision of the Supreme Court Chamber on Co-Prosecutors’ Request for Clarification, Case no 002/19-09-2007-ECCC-TC/SC(26) Alisha Mathew ICL 1624 (ECCC 2013)
Tobar and ors v United States, Appeal judgment, 731 F3d 938 (9th Cir 2013) Magdalena Rogosz, Julia Currie ILDC 2473 (US 2013)
Venoklim Holding BV v Venezuela, Decision on the application for annulment, ICSID Case No ARB/12/22; IIC 1315 (2018), 2 February 2018   IIC 1315 (2018)
Case 001, Prosecutor v Kaing (Guek Eav) alias Duch, Appeals judgment, Case no 001/18-07-2007/ECCC/TC Mirka Fries ICL 1550 (ECCC 2012)
The Prosecutor v Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé, Judgment on the appeals of Mr Laurent Gbagbo and Mr Charles Blé Goudé against the Trial Chamber I “Decision on the Prosecutor’s application to introduce prior recorded testimony under Rules 68(2)(b) and 68(3)”, Case No ICC-02/11-01/15-744 Jelena Hadžić ICL 1723 (ICC 2016)
Ntaganda Case, Prosecutor v Bosco Ntaganda, Second decision on the Defence’s challenge to the jurisdiction of the Court in respect of Counts 6 and 9, Trial Chamber VI, Case No ICC-01/04-02/06-1707 Abigail Bridgman ICL 1730 (ICC 2017)
Prosecution v Nuon (Chea) and Others, Decision on Evidence obtained through Torture, Trial Chamber, Doc No E350/8, Case No 002/19-09-2007/ECCC/TC, 5 February 2016, Reasons for Partially Dissenting Opinion of Judge Fenz, Doc No E350/8.1, Case No 002/19-09-2007/ECCC/TC Liemertje Sieders ICL 1735 (ECCC 2016)
Case 002/02, Co-Prosecutors v NUON Chea and KHIEU Samphan, Decision on Defence Rule 87(4) Requests for Admission of 23 Documents Relevant to the Testimony of 2-TCE-88, Case No 002/19-09-2007/ECCC/TC Natasha Naidu ICL 1741 (ECCC 2016)
Prosecutor v Ao An, Considerations on [REDACTED] Application to Seise the Pre-Trial Chamber with a View to Annulment of Investigative Action Concerning Forced Marriage, Case No 004/07-09-2009/ECCC/OCIJ (PTC21) Rita Yip ICL 1746 (ECCC 2016)
Situation in the Central African Republic, Prosecutor v Bemba and ors, Public redacted version of the Decision on Requests by the Arido Defence provided in its Final Submissions, Case no ICC-01/05-01/13-1943-Red Daniel Eck ICL 1765 (ICC 2016)
United States v Nueci-Peña, Appeal judgment, 711 F3d 191, 1441 (1st Cir 2013) Jessica Sardella ILDC 2355 (US 2013)
Gisbert and ors v United States Attorney General, Appeal judgment, F2d 1437, 1441 (5th Cir) Rachel Haverkorn ILDC 2484 (US 1993)
Falun Gong case, Various complainants v Central Criminal Court, Appeal judgment for annulment, Case No 297/2015 Leticia Armendariz Hernandez ILDC 2679 (ES 2015)
Al-Marri v Commander S L Wright, Appeal judgment, 487 F3d 160 (4th Cir 2007) Johannes Munter ILDC 813 (US 2007)