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Updated Brexit Debate Map

July 21, 2016

Our Brexit Debate Map has been updated to reflect recent analysis of and information about the legal consequences of the Brexit. The collection includes blog posts, papers prepared by the UK government, legal advice issued by leading lawyers, journal articles, and book chapters.
We will be keeping this index up to date as developments unfold over the next weeks and months and may add coverage of new issues as appropriate.
Read the debate map now for the latest legal arguments and discussions on the topic.
On the Debate Map Series
International lawyers are fortunate to be well-served by a number of very well informed and thoughtful blogs, which are making a lasting contribution to scholarship. This increase in scholarly commentary, although a huge benefit to lawyers and scholars, can become rather difficult and time consuming to keep track of. With this in mind, the editors of Oxford Public International Law have begun a series of debate maps indexing discussions by scholars on the public international law aspects of these major debates.
View the debate map archive.