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Silan and ors v Netherlands, and Urgenda v Netherlands now added to ILDC

July 11, 2016

9 additional case reports have been added to Oxford Reports on International Law, a continuously updated resource.


International Law in Domestic Courts 

ILDC Cases Citation / Title
ILDC 2736 (AU 2003) Cattanach and Anor v Melchior and Anor, Appeal judgment
ILDC 2265 (US 2013) United States v Ali, Appeal judgment
ILDC 2258 (US 2013) Fulwood v Federal Republic of Germany, Appeal judgment
ILDC 2270 (US 2013) United States v Bout, Appeal judgment
ILDC 2122 (CZ 2003) V M v Regional Court in Ostrava, High Court in Olomouc, Minister of Justice, Decision on a constitutional complaint
ILDC 2456 (NL 2015) Urgenda v Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), First instance decision
ILDC 2457 (NL 2011)

Silan and ors v Netherlands, First instance decision



International Investment Claims 

IIC Cases Citation / Title
IIC 771 (2016) Eli Lilly and Company v Canada (Procedural order no 4)
IIC 769 (2016) Mobil v Canada (Procedural order no 3 production of documents)