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March 16, 2016

The latest update to the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law includes 4 new and 40 updated articles. See below for a full list of updated content.

New Articles

Article Author(s)

Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

 Ali M El-Haj
Special Missions  Ali M El-Haj
Cartels  Robert Frau
Scorched Earth Policy  Alexander Schwarz and Maria Grigat

Updated Articles

Article Author(s)
Korean War (1950–53) Dana Constantin
Arms, Traffic in Anthony E Cassimatis, Catherine Drummond, and Kate Greenwood
Nuclear Weapons Advisory Opinions Michael Bothe
Aggression Yoram Dinstein 
Air Warfare Yoram Dinstein
Armistice Yoram Dinstein
Belligerency Valentina Azarova and Ido Blum
Biological Weapons and Warfare Dominika Švarc
Blockade Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg 
Booty in Warfare Yoram Dinstein 
Brest-Litovsk, Peace of (1918) Sally A Boniece 
Collective Punishment Paul Rabbat and Sigrid Mehring 
Combatants Marco Sassòli 
Command Responsibility Yoram Dinstein 
Contraband Christian Schaller 
Cyber Warfare Johann-Christoph Woltag 
Dawes Plan (1924) and Young Plan (1930) Dieter Fleck 
International Criminal Courts and Tribunals, Defences Yoram Dinstein 
Demilitarization Kees Kingma and Nico Schrijver 
Enemy Property Hans-Georg Dederer 
Spies Christian Schaller
Guerrilla Forces Christian Schaller 
International Military Forces Marten Zwanenburg 
Land Mines Knut Dörmann 
Military Government Maike Kuhn 
Military Necessity Yoram Dinstein 
Military Objectives Marco Sassòli 
Neutrality, Concept and General Rules Michael Bothe 
Peace Treaties after World War I Randall Lesaffer and Mieke van der Linden 
Reparations Dinah Shelton 
Trianon Peace Treaty (1920) András Jakab 
Combatants, Unlawful Knut Dörmann 
Use of Force, Prohibition of Oliver Dörr 
War Reparations Pietro Sullo and Julian Wyatt 
Armed Conflict, Effect on Contracts Niels Petersen 
Warfare, Methods and Means Yoram Dinstein 
Weapons, Prohibited William H Boothby 
United Nations Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System (UNPCRS) Formerly Known as the United Nations Standby Arrangement System (UNSAS)  Ray Murphy
Nature, International Protection  Kerstin Odendahl
World Natural Heritage  Kerstin Odendahl

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Article Author(s)
 Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Ali M El-Haj
 Cartels Robert Frau
 Scorched Earth Policy Alexander Schwarz and Maria Grigat