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OSAIL January Update Live

February 9, 2016

The January update to Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law adds 13 new and updated titles to the site.

See a complete list of new content below or view the full site title list.

Title Author(s) / Editor(s) ISBN
The Law of Investment Treaties 2e  Salacuse 9780198703976
Law and Practice of the ICC Stahn 9780198705161
The Procedure of the UN Security Council 4e  Sievers and Daws 9780199685295
International Criminal Law O'Keefe 9780199689040
Treaty Interpretation 2e Gardiner 9780199669233
International Law in the US Legal System 2e Bradley 9780190217761
The World Trade Organization 3e Matsushita 9780199571857
The Law of State Immunity 3e (Revised and Updated)  Fox and Webb  9780198744412
Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors Clapham 9780199288465
Remedies International Human Rights Law 3e  Shelton 9780199588824  
The 1949 Geneva Conventions: A Commentary Clapham, Gaeta & Sassoli 9780199675449
The European Convention on Human Rights: A Commentary Schabas 9780199594061
The Handbook of the International Law of Military Operations 2e Gill and Fleck 9780198744627