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New Oxford International Organizations Headnotes

March 30, 2022

10 new headnotes have been added to Oxford International Organizations.

Title Reporter OUP ID

International Court of Justice Rules of Court (1978), 1st July 1978

Mariana Clara de Andrade OXIO 0646

Basic texts of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean of the FAO, 20th May 2014

I-Ju Chen OXIO 0648

Matthews v United Kingdom, Judgment, merits and just satisfaction, 18th February 1999 (App no 24833/94, ECHR 1999-I), IHRL 2975 (ECHR 1999)

Theodosia Papazikou OXIO 0596

Reineccius and ors v Bank for International Settlements, Partial award, 22nd November 2002 ((2005) XXIII RIAA 183), ICGJ 375 (PCA 2002)

Pedro Schilling de Carvalho OXIO 0650

Statute and Rules of Procedure of the UNRWA Dispute Tribunal, 1st January 2018 (UN Doc Cod. I/61/Rev.7)

Timo Knäbe OXIO 0644

Convention of Belém do Pará (Inter American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence Against Women), 9th June 1994 (A-61)

Ricardo Arredondo OXIO 0463

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia Manual on Developed Practices, 1st January 2009 (ICTY-UNICRI 2009)

Elizabeth Santalla Vargas OXIO 0530

Appeal Relating to the Jurisdiction of the ICAO Council under Article 84 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, 14th July 2020 (ICJ GL No 173), ICGJ 544 (ICJ 2020)

Rishi Gulati OXIO 0616

United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1995 (XIX) on the establishment of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development as an organ of the General Assembly, 30th December 1964 (UN Doc A/RES/1995(XIX), GAOR 19th Session Supp 15, 1)

Thamara Romero OXIO 0626

Unified Agreement for the Investment of Arab Capital in the Arab States

Ahmed Mazlom OXIO 0675