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OXIO Update

December 5, 2019

Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) adds 10 new headnotes.

Title Reporter OUP ID
Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures Clément Marquet OXIO 291
European Charter of Local Self-Government Sondre Torp Helmersen OXIO 350
Treaty for the establishment of the East African Community Mihreteab Tsighe Taye OXIO 353
Guidelines Governing the Relations between the Court and Intermediaries Demetra Loizou OXIO 306
United Nations Security Council Resolution 1390 (2002) on continuation of measures against the Taliban and Al-Qaida Irene Couzigou OXIO 254
Ministerial Declaration of the Fourth World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Doha Clément Marquet OXIO 292
Assembly of States Parties Resolution on the establishment of an independent oversight mechanism Kritika Sharma OXIO 434
Statute of the Hague Conference on Private International Law Martina Mantovani OXIO 452
ICSID Additional Facility Rules Taida Begic Sarkinovic OXIO 512
Memorandum of understanding between the United Nations and the Government of […] contributing resources to [United Nations peacekeeping operation] (Generic Model for Military Contingents) Zsuzsanna Deen-Racsmány OXIO 438