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ORIL Update - January 2018

January 30, 2018

For January 2018, Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL) adds 44 cases.


Case name Reporter / Author OUP ID
Spain v American Bureau of Shipping, Incorporated and ors, Trial court judgment, 729 FSupp2d 635 (SDNY 2010), ILDC 2731 (US 2010), 3rd August 2010, United States; New York; District Court for the Southern District of New York [SDNY] Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz ILDC 2731 (US 2010)
Habtemicael v Ashcroft, Appeal judgment, ILDC 2329 (US 2004), 370 F3d 774 (8th Cir 2004), 7th June 2004, United States; Court of Appeals (8th Circuit) [8th Cir] » Julia Currie ILDC 2329 (US 2004)
Jama and ors v United States Immigration and Naturalization Service and ors, Trial court judgment, Case No 97-CV-3093, 22 FSupp2d 353 (DNJ 1998), ILDC 2352 (US 1998), 1st October 1998, United States; New Jersey; District Court for the District of New Jersey [DNJ] Danielle Caputo ILDC 2352 (US 1998)
The Stolen Generations Case, Kruger and ors v The Commonwealth of Australia, Attorney-General for New South Wales (intervening) and ors (intervening), Final judgment on reserved questions of law, [1997] HCA 27, ILDC 2593 (AU 1997), 190 CLR 1, 146 ALR 126, 71 ALJR 991, 31st July 1997, Australia; High Court [HCA] Nikila Kaushik ILDC 2593 (AU 1997)
Canada – Anti-Dumping Measures On Imports Of Certain Carbon Steel Welded Pipe From The Separate Customs Territory Of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen And Matsu, Panel Report, WT/DS482/R Alexandra Esmel ITL 143 (WTO 2016)
Russian Federation - Tariff Treatment of Certain Agricultural and Manufacturing Products, Panel Reports, WT/DS485/R and Add.1, WT/DS485/R/Corr.1, WT/DS485/R/Corr.2 Panayotis M Protopsaltis ITL 147 (WTO 2016)
United States – Measures Concerning the Importation, Marketing and Sale of Tuna and Tuna Products, Appellate Body Report, WT/DS381/AB/R Gabriel M Lentner ITL 149 (WTO 2012)
Indonesia – Importation of Horticultural Products, Animals and Animal Products, Panel Reports, WT/DS477/R; WT/DS478/R Meng Fang ITL 153 (WTO 2016)
Ecuador v United States, Award Tom Sparks ICGJ 503 (PCA 2012)
Windstream Energy LLC v Canada, Award Tom Sparks ICGJ 504 (PCA 2016)
Copper Mesa Mining Corporation v Ecuador, Award Tom Sparks ICGJ 507 (PCA 2016)
The Duzgit Integrity Arbitration, Malta v São Tomé and Príncipe, Award Tom Sparks ICGJ 510 (PCA 2016)
The Arctic Sunrise Arbitration, Netherlands v Russia, Award on the Merits Tom Sparks ICGJ 511 (PCA 2015)
The M/V ‘Norstar’ Case, Panama v Italy, Judgment, Preliminary Objections Alexander Brown ICGJ 512 (ITLOS 2016)
Immunities and Criminal Proceedings, Equatorial Guinea v France, Order on Provisional Measures Alexander Brown ICGJ 513 (ICJ 2016)
Jadhav Case, India v Pakistan, Order on Provisional Measures Alexander Brown ICGJ 515 (ICJ 2017)
Maritime Delimitation in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica v Nicaragua, and Land Boundary in the Northern Part of Isla Portillos, Costa Rica v Nicaragua, Order Tom Sparks ICGJ 516 (ICJ 2017)
Arbitration between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia, Croatia v Slovenia, Partial Award, PCA Case No 2012-04, ICGJ 509 (PCA 2016), 30th June 2016, Permanent Court of Arbitration [PCA] Tom Sparks ICGJ 509 (PCA 2016)
Situation in the Central African Republic, Prosecutor v Bemba Gombo (Jean-Pierre) and ors, Judgment on the appeals against Pre-Trial Chamber II’s decisions regarding interim release in relation to Aimé Kilolo Musamba, Jean-Jacques Mangenda, Fidèle Babala Wandu, and Narcisse Arido and order for reclassification., Case No ICC-01/05-01/13, ICC-01/05-01/13-969, ICL 1676 (ICC 2015), 29th May 2015, International Criminal Court [ICC]; Appeals Chamber [ICC] Abigail Bridgman ICL 1676 (ICC 2015)
Konowaloff v Metropolitan Museum of Art, Appeal judgment, ILDC 1980 (US 2012), 702 F3d 140 (2d Cir 2012), 133 SCt 2837 (US 2013), 18th December 2012, United States; Court of Appeals (2nd Circuit) [2d Cir] Michelle Seger, Mike Shirar ILDC 1980 (US 2012)
Albert Brahimllari v Consulate General of Greece in Korçë, Appeal judgment, Judgment no 00-2011-2204 (569), Civil Bench, ILDC 2508 (AL 2011), 13th December 2011, Albania; Supreme Court Semir Sali ILDC 2508 (AL 2011)
Hegna (Individually and as Executrix of the Estate of Charles Hegna) and ors (on the application of United States) v Islamic Republic of Iran and Iranian Ministry of Information and Security, Appeal judgment, 376 F3d 485 (5th Cir 2004), Docket No 03-10994, Docket No 03-20984, ILDC 752 (US 2004), 19th July 2004, United States; Court of Appeals (5th Circuit) [5th Cir] Johannes Munter ILDC 752 (US 2004)
Brazil — Measures Affecting Desiccated Coconut, Brazil v Philippines, Appellate Body Report, WT/DS22/AB/R, Report No AB-1996-4, Doc No 97-0695, ITL 137 (WTO 1997), DSR 1997:I, 167, 21st February 1997, Appellate Body Marcus Sohlberg ITL 137 (WTO 1997)
EC — Computer Equipment, United States v European Communities, Panel Report, WT/DS62/R, WT/DS67/R, WT/DS68/R, ITL 142 (WTO 1998), 5th February 1998, Panel Reports Sondre Torp Helmersen ITL 142 (WTO 1998)
Ryabov v Russia, Merits and just satisfaction Aleksandar Ristanić IHRL 3937 (ECHR 2013)
Tarantino and ors v Italy Liemertje Sieders IHRL 3986 (ECHR 2013)
Limbo v Little, Appeal judgment, [1989] NTCA 5 Raffaele Piccolo ILDC 2647 (AU 1989)
Prosecutor v Ayyash et al, Decision Dismissing Application for Certification to Appeal the Trial Chamber’s ‘Decision on the Admission of Mr. Garry Platt (Witness PRH147) as an Expert Witness’, Case no STL-11-01/T/TC Amanda Misasi ICL 1029 (STL 2016)
Situation in the Central African Republic, Prosecutor v Bemba et al, Decision on Bemba Defence Request for Provisional Legal Assistance, Case no ICC-01/05-01/13-1977 Daniel Eck ICL 1718 (ICC 2016)
X v Provincial Court of Lugo, Judgment, STS 2573/2016, Chamber of Civil Matters of the Supreme Court Juan Jorge Piernas López ILDC 2620 (ES 2016)
Yvera Ka´a Poty Ava Guarani community et al v Ache Guayaki, Action of unconstitutionality, Sentence 1526/2016 Alberto Manuel Poletti Adorno ILDC 2656 (PY 2016)
Prosecutor v Goran Jelisić, Trial Judgment, Case no IT-95-10-T Ioana Ortance Onu ICL 868 (ICTY 1999)
McKesson Corp and ors v Iran, Appellate court judgment, 672 F3d 1066 (DC Cir 2012) David Thayer ILDC 2288 (US 2012)
Kurski v Poland, Merits and just satisfaction, App no 26115/10 Anna Saunders IHRL 3952 (ECHR 2016)
Petukhova v Russian Federation, Admissibility, merits and just satisfaction, App no 28796/07 Nikoleta Bitterová IHRL 3992 (ECHR 2013)
PL Holdings Sàrl v Poland, Partial Award, SCC Case No V 2014/163; IIC 1265 (2017), 28 June 2017   IIC 1265 (2017) - Skeleton
Eco Oro Minerals Corp v Colombia, Procedural order no 1, ICSID Case No ARB/16/41; IIC 1272 (2017), 30 November 2017   IIC 1272 (2017) - Skeleton
Fábrica de Vidrios Los Andes CA and Owens-Illinois de Venezuela CA v Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Award, ICSID Case No ARB/12/21; IIC 1270 (2017), 13 November 2017   IIC 1270 (2017) - Skeleton
Sergei Viktorovich Pugachev v Russian Federation, Interim Award, UNCITRAL; IIC 1268 (2017), 7 July 2017   IIC 1268 (2017) - Skeleton
Situation in the Côte D’Ivoire, Prosecutor (on the application of Victims) v Gbagbo (Laurent) and Blé Goudé (Charles), Public redacted Decision on the Prosecutor’s application to introduce prior recorded testimony under Rules 68(2)(b) and 68(3), Case No I ICC-02/11-01/15-573-Red, ICL 1685 (ICC 2016), 9th June 2016, International Criminal Court [ICC]; Trial Chamber I [ICC] Jelena Hadžić ICL 1685 (ICC 2016)
A v Swiss Federal Public Prosecutor and ors, Final appeal judgment, ILDC 1933 (CH 2012), BB.2011.140, TPF 2012 97, 25th July 2012, Switzerland; Federal Criminal Court [BStGer] Odile Ammann ILDC 1933 (CH 2012)
Acain and ors v International Plant Services, LLC and ors, Appeal judgment, ILDC 2231 (US 2014), 449 SW3d 655 (Tex App 2014), 28th October 2014, United States; Texas; 1st District (Houston); 1st Court of Appeals [Tex App] Johannes Munter ILDC 2231 (US 2014)
Osagiede v United States, Appellate court judgment, ILDC 2478 (US 2008), 543 F3d 399 (7th Cir), 9th September 2008, United States; Court of Appeals (7th Circuit) [7th Cir] Ella Gladman ILDC 2478 (US 2008)
EM Limited and NML Capital Limited v Banco Central De La República Argentina and Argentina, Appeal judgment, ILDC 2495 (US 2015), 800 F 3d 78 (2nd Cir 2015), 31st August 2015, United States; Court of Appeals (2nd Circuit) [2d Cir] Jesse Isleman ILDC 2495 (US 2015)