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New Cases

April 22, 2021

Oxford Reports on International Law adds 14 new cases. 


Case name Reporter / Author OUP ID
Prosecutor v Turinabo et al, Decision on the Nzabonimpa and Ndagijimana defence challenges to the form of the third amended indictment, Case no MICT-18-116-PT; ICL 1144 (MICT 2020), 30 January 2020 Adaena Sinclair-Blakemore ICL 1144 (MICT 2020)
Prosecutor v Kondewa, Decision on Preliminary Motion on Lack of Jurisdiction: Establishment of Special Court Violates Constitution of Sierra Leone, Case no SCSCL-2004-14-AR72(E)); ICL 1146 (SCSL 2004) 25 May 2004 Ioana Ortance Onu ICL 1146 (SCSL 2004)
Prosecutor v Turinabo et al. and Prosecutor v Ngirabatware, Decision on Prosecution Motion for Joinder of the Ngirabatware and Turinabo et al. Contempt Cases, Case nos MICT-18-116-PT and MICT-19-121-PT; ICL 1149 (MICT 2019), 10 December 2019 Virginia Raffaeli ICL 1149 (MICT 2019)
Situation in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire in the Case of Prosecutor v Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé, Reasons for Oral Decision of 15 January 2019 on the Requȇte de la Défense de Laurent Gbagbo afin qu’un Judgment d’Aquittement portant sur Toutes les Charges soit Prononcé en Faveur de Laurent Gbagbo et que sa Mise en Liberté Immédiate soit Ordonée, and on the Charles Blé Goudé No Case to Answer Motion, Case no ICC-02/11-01/15-1263; ICL 1951 (ICC 2019), 16 July 2019 Elizabeth Santalla Vargas ICL 1951 (ICC 2019)
Advisory opinion requested by the French Court of Cassation [GC], Request no P16-2018-001; IHRL 4067 (ECHR 2019); 10 April 2019 Hannah Ji-Jia Liu IHRL 4067 (ECHR 2019)
Gabriel Resources Ltd and Gabriel Resources (Jersey) Ltd v Romania, Procedural Order No 34, ICSID Case No ARB/15/31; IIC 1703 (2020), 22 October 2020   IIC 1703 (2020)
Gran Colombia Gold Corporation v Colombia, Decision on the jurisdictional issue, ICSID Case No ARB/18/23; IIC 1706 (2020), 23 November 2020   IIC 1706 (2020)
Renco Group Inc v Peru, Final award, UNCT/13/1; IIC 893 (2016), 9 November 2016 Dominik Jordi Ornig IIC 893 (2016)
Kesavananda Bharati and Ors v State of Kerala and Anr , Original Jurisdiction, Writ Petition (civil) 135 of 1970; ILDC 2712 (IN 1973); (1973) 4 SCC 225; AIR 1973 SC 1461, 24 April 1973 Yateesh Begoore ILDC 2712 (IN 1973)
Mrs B v Higher Regional Court Celle, Constitutional appeal, Federal Constitutional Court, First Senate, 1 BvR 276/17, ILDC 3072 (DE 2019), 6 November 2019 Sebastian Theß ILDC 3072 (DE 2019)
In the matter of criminal proceedings against Tartoussi Youssef, Final appeal judgment, No 19672/2020: ILDC 3171 (IT 2020), 1 July 2020 Niccolò Zugliani ILDC 3171 (IT 2020)
Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību Tirdzniecības nams Kurši v Latvian Competition Council, Judgment of Administrative regional court, Case No A43009717; OCL 291 (LV 2020), 17 February 2020 Zane Veidemane Berzina OCL 291 (LV 2020)
Al Sirona (Luxembourg) Acquisition Sárl v Alvogen CEE Kft, Final NCA decision, Vj/2/2020; OCL 292 (HU 2020), 26 March 2020 Zoltán Marosi OCL 292 (HU 2020)
Otis Gesellschaft mbH and ors v Land Oberösterreich and ors, Judgment, reference for a preliminary ruling, case C-435/18; ECLI:EU:C:2019:1069 [2019]; OCL 297 (EU 2019), 12 December 2019 Hugues Parmentier OCL 297 (EU 2019)