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In Memoriam Robert Cryer

February 8, 2021

In early January (2021), in the immediate aftermath of Robert Cryer’s passing, we were unable to say or write anything. We simply could not believe it. There were so many projects pending, so many ideas being tested and books in the pipeline. The three of us have been working closely as Series Editors of the Oxford Monographs in International Humanitarian and Criminal Law for about 6 years now.

Our mentor and friend Antonio (Nino) Cassese, with his usual curiosity and talent for scouting emerging scholars, had soon realized Robert Cryer had an extra gear and, at some point, sought to involve Rob in several projects he was working on. And so, the association with Rob started with the Oxford Companion to International Criminal Justice, thereafter with the Journal of International Criminal Justice, and finally, more recently, with the series Oxford Monographs in International Humanitarian and Criminal Law.

To all these projects, Rob brought a deep, gentle, cultivated approach. In particular, in our work together in the Oxford Monographs series over the years, despite the normal dose of disagreement, we never had any sour discussion nor profound division as to the books we would publish or not publish, the editing and the relationships with our publisher, the forewords, and more broadly the direction of the Series. Sometimes he would be off the email for a few weeks or months, and suddenly we would discover a new publication coming out or a new project. We worked collegially as a team, sharing the aim of enriching and enlarging the breadth of the series.

It is interesting to note how Rob was both a great scholar, with all the individualistic traits that normally go with it, and a cheerful and energetic team player. The twinkle/light in his eyes reminded us of Nino’s enthusiasm. This is something we will keep as a fond memory – the unusually warm blue eyes, always open to engage in new initiatives and exciting endeavours, which we will carry on with renewed energy. Rob is not gone for he stays with us through his contributions to the field of international law and international criminal law, as well as all the fond memories that we will keep dear. Rest well, dear Rob!

Suzannah Linton and Salvatore Zappalà

General Editors, Oxford Monographs in International Humanitarian & Criminal Law