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Oxford International Organizations Looking for a Theme Developer on Law & Tech

Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) is a database of solidly annotated documents pertaining to the law and practice of international organizations. OXIO includes resolutions of international organizations, reports of legal advisers, judicial decisions, international agreements, or any act of legal relevance.

OXIO always employs a number of legal scholars to act as “Theme developers” (TDs), with a view to systematically covering certain priority areas when it comes to ‘acts’ (in the broad sense) of international organizations.

The TD function entails mapping the field and identifying suitable documents; commissioning headnotes with rapporteurs (and following up on their delivery); and writing the occasional headnote themselves. Both an individually written headnote and the function of Theme developer is -for academic standards- generously rewarded by Oxford University Press. Rapporteurs are also to be rewarded for their contributions in cash or book vouchers.

More precisely, the TD’s time commitment would be A. the drafting of a list of ca. 150 documents that you think would be suited for an annotation in OXIO; and B. commissioning the writing of headnotes on these docs. It depends a bit on the number of reporters you would be able to gather, but a production of some 20 ‘Headnotes’ p/y would be good. Another bit of time commitment would be C. a first, quick review of the HNs on general compliance with OXIO scope and guidance that the reporters send to you and that you send on to the managing editors.

At present the OXIO editorial team considers there is room for a new priority area, viz Law & Tech. For those who are interested, please send your application including CV and a brief provisional list of documents to oxio.editors@gmail.com.

Call for Rapporteurs

We welcome applications from those who would be interested in acting as rapporteurs for Oxford International Organizations (OXIO). Rapporteurs will have the task of identifying relevant materials and providing a short legal commentary on these documents. Find out more about applying to be an OXIO rapporteur.

We are also accepting new OXIO headnotes on international institutional practice regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and also on international health law.


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