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From: Diplomatic Law: Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (3rd Edition)

Professor Eileen Denza

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From: Oxford Public International Law (http://opil.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2023. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber: null; date: 21 May 2024

I should like to express my gratitude—

to Sir Francis Vallat, Legal Adviser to the Foreign Office and Leader of the United Kingdom Delegation to the 1961 Vienna Conference, who first set me as a novice Assistant Legal Adviser to work on the development of the law of diplomatic relations. What was originally to have been a joint article spun out of control;

to the late Sir Vincent Evans, his successor as Legal Adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, for his encouragement during the preparation of what became the first edition of Diplomatic Law and for very helpful comments on the manuscript;

to Richard Gardiner, formerly a Legal Counsellor in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who preceded me to University College London, inveigled me into helping to teach an LLM course on Foreign Relations Law in order to retain my interest in diplomatic law and to focus on a second edition, and who has continued to be a source of information and encouragement;

to Dr Luke Lee, a friend since our days at the Harvard International Law School, who invited me to assist and to contribute to his second edition of Consular Law and Practice, published in 1991, a valuable warm-up for the second edition of my own book;

to Oxford University Press, who galvanized me into a second edition and who by a judicious blend of carrot and stick have steered me along the road to the third. Thanks in particular to John Louth and to Dr Gwen Booth;

to Ben Clark, LLM candidate at University College London, for effective research assistance in preparing the Bibliography and Tables of Cases and of Parties to the Convention;

to the Department of State in Washington, who were immensely helpful in the provision of material not otherwise available and forthcoming in discussing difficult points of interpretation. Warmest thanks to Linda Jacobson, Assistant Legal Adviser for Diplomatic Law and Litigation, to Lawrence Dunham, Assistant Chief of Protocol, to Richard Massey of the Office of Foreign Missions, and to Stephen McCreary and Gilda Brancato of the Office of the Legal Adviser for their help with the second edition, and to James Gresser, Attorney Adviser in the Office of the Legal Adviser, for assistance with the third;

(p. vi) to Protocol Department in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London and to Joanne Foakes of the Legal Advisers who responded generously to queries on UK policy and practice. Also to the Treaty Enquiry Service in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for information on the current List of Parties to the Convention and its two Protocols.

Eileen Denza

September 2007