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Practitioners' Guide to Human Rights Law in Armed Conflict

Daragh Murray, Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Françoise Hampson, Charles Garraway, Noam Lubell, Dapo Akande


Although the relationship between international human rights law and the law of armed conflict has been the subject of significant recent academic discussion, there is a lack of comprehensive guidance in identifying the law applicable to specific situations faced by military forces. Providing guidance for armed forces and practitioners on the detailed application of international human rights law during armed conflict, this book fills that gap. Part I details foundational information relating to international human rights law and human rights institutions, the types of operations that States’ armed forces engage in, and how the law of armed conflict and international human rights law apply to regulate different situations. Part II provides practical guidance as to the legal regulation of specific situations, including discussion on the conduct of hostilities, detention operations, humanitarian assistance, cyber operations, and investigations.

Bibliographic Information

Daragh Murray, author

Elizabeth Wilmshurst, editor

Françoise Hampson, editor

Charles Garraway, editor

Noam Lubell, editor

Dapo Akande, editor

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