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7 Self-Determination

From: Problems and Process: International Law and How We Use It

Rosalyn Higgins

From: Oxford Public International Law (http://opil.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2023. All Rights Reserved.date: 11 December 2023

Self-determination — Equality before the law — Economic, social, and cultural rights — UN Charter — Development, right to — Civil and political rights — Minorities — Secession — Territory, non-self-governing — State succession
Chapter 6 was concerned with the international system for human rights. This chapter addresses one particular human right—that of self-determination. Why, of all the rights, should self-determination merit a separate chapter? There are, after all, other rights of the most profound importance—freedom from torture, for example. The reason that self-determination is the subject of a separate chapter is because it is difficult, extraordinarily intertwined with other norms of international law, controversial, topical, and well illustrates the complexities of the...
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