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Judicial Decisions on the Law of International Organizations

Edited by Cedric Ryngaert, Ige F Dekker, Ramses A Wessel, Jan Wouters


Concomitant with the rising relevance of international organizations in international affairs, and the general turn to litigation to settle disputes, international institutional law issues have increasingly become the subject of litigation, before both international and domestic courts. While there are several textbooks introducing the law of international organizations, the judicial treatment of this sub-field of international law has not been given the attention due to it. This book contains excerpts of the most prominent international and domestic judicial decisions that are relevant to the law of international organizations, as well as comments thereto. The book contains case-notes regarding about fifty judicial decisions of international and domestic courts. Each case-note consists of five sections, discussing (1) the relevance of the case, (2) the facts, and (3) the legal question; giving (4) a relevant excerpt of the judicial decision; and (5) commenting on the decision. The commentaries are written by leading experts, both scholars and practitioners. The book is divided into seven parts, which correspond to classic categories of international institutional law: (1) legal status (personality), (2) legal powers, (3) institutional structures and position of members, (4) legal acts, (5) obligations, (6) responsibility and accountability, and (7) immunity.

Bibliographic Information

Cedric Ryngaert, editor

Ige F Dekker, editor

Ramses A Wessel, editor

Jan Wouters, editor

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