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Treatise on International Criminal Law (2nd Edition)

Kai Ambos


International Criminal Law and Justice is a flourishing field, with the birth of new international criminal tribunals and both accountability and investigative mechanisms, increasing and consolidated case law, and burgeoning substantive scholarship. This expansion also left its mark in the international crimes and sentencing dealt with in this new edition. The previous edition has been completely revised and updated. The new edition includes largely extended sections on sexual and gender-based crimes; detailed elaborations on the crime of aggression, including its complicated jurisdictional regime; a reference to a better protection of the environment through the introduction of a crime of ‘ecocide’; an elaboration on the nexus requirement in war crimes and asymmetrical conflicts as well as the commission of war crime against the same party; reference to the newly introduced war crimes of the ICC Statute and of the peculiarities of cyber-attacks, and more. The authors have strived to include all relevant case law up to September 2021, sometimes even beyond.

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Kai Ambos, author

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