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Additional Convention between Great Britain and Portugal for the Prevention of the Slave Trade, signed at London, 28 July 1817


The Portuguese and English texts of this Convention additional to the Treaty of 22 January 1815, the ratifications of which were exchanged at Rio de Janeiro on 27 November 1817 and which was supplemented by the Separate Article of 11 September 1817 (annexed to the text reproduced) and the Additional Articles of 15 March 1823, besides being amended by the Declaration of 3 April 1819 (similarly annexed) and renewed as between Great Britain and Brazil by the Convention of 23 November 1826, are here reproduced from Hertslet's Commercial Treaties, vol. II, p. 80. The Convention is printed also in British and Foreign State Papers, vol. IV, p. 85, vol. XI, p. 689; Hertslet, Map of Africa by Treaty, p. 683; and by Martens, Recueil des Principaux Traités, Nouveau Supplément, vol. II, p. 278, Nouveau Recueil des Traités, vol. IV, p. 438; Borges de Castro, Colleçcão dos Tratados, Convenções etc. de Portugal, vol. V, p. 324; and Calvo, Recueil Complet des Traités etc. de tous les États de l'Amérique, vol. VI , p. 70.


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