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Treaty of Perpetual Peace and Amity between Russia and Turkey, signed at Kuçuk Kainardji [Küçük Kaynarca], 10(21) July 1774


The Italian and French texts of this Treaty are here taken from Martens, Recueil des Principaux Traités (2nd ed.), vol. II, p. 286. Martens takes the former from the Storia dell'Anno 1774, p. 248, this being the official print. He says further that his French version is similarly the original, being taken from the print issued in St. Petersburg in 1775, here distinguishing between the original French version and the French translation from the Russian original: see his introductory note. Martens' text contains the German version of the Act relating to the Crimea drawn up upon the exchange of ratifications. He dates this Act, governing the relations between the Sultan and the Khan of the Crimea, 13(24) January 1775. Hertslet's Turkish Treaties, p. 475, which reprints it with English sub-titles from the first edition of Martens (p. 444), dates it 28 January. Koch, Histoire Abrégée des Traités de Paix, refondu par Schoell, vol. IV, p. 408, prefers the date 8(19) January. Martens' text does not, however, contain the two Separate Articles. Accordingly, there is here reproduced in addition the version of Noradounghian, Recueil d'Actes Internationaux de l'Empire Ottoman, vol. I, p. 319, which has these Articles. This version differs considerably from Martens' and represents no doubt the translation from the Russian original already mentioned. It is therefore reproduced in full. Martens' French version is followed by Hertslet's Turkish Treaties, p. 463, and by Martens et de Cussy, Recueil Manuel et Pratique des Traités, vol. I, p. 111. See further the Convention of 4 April 1775 and that of 10 March 1779 between the parties, as well as the Treaty of 21 June 1783. The Treaty was renewed by those of 8 January 1784 (Art. 1) and 9 January 1792 (Art. 2).


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