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Treaty of Peace between France and Great Britain, signed at Ryswick [Rijswijk], 20 September 1697


The original Latin text reproduced here is taken from Dumont, Corps Universel Diplomatique du Droit des Gens, vol. VII, Part II, p. 399, and by Dumont from the print issued by Léonard under Royal authority in 1697. Dumont records that the same text appears in Actes et Mémoires des Négociations de la Paix de Ryswick, vol. III, p. 176 (French translation at p. 194); that a French version is to be found in Recueil de Divers Traités faits depuis 60 Ans, Part II, p. 542, and German versions in Andlern, Corpus Constit. Imperialium, vol. I, Appendix p. 132, and Theatrum Europaeum, vol. XV, p. 195. The text reproduced here includes the Separate Article, the British full powers and British ratification, the French full powers and ratification (in French), extracts from the Protocols of Mediation respecting the pension accorded to Queen Marie d'Este and the release of French protestants taken on board British vessels, the undertaking of King William III to procure if possible the ratification of the peace between France and Spain and the Netherlands, an agreement between the plenipotentiaries in derogation of Art. X of the Treaty, the French Ordonnance concerning the proclamation of the peace (all these also in French), the Declaration pursuant to Art. XVI of the Treaty for the inclusion of Spain, the Netherlands and the 13 Swiss Cantons therein (in Latin), the French Declaration for the inclusion of the Princes of Italy, Portugal etc. and the protests made by the House of Orleans. The text of the Treaty appears in English in Generall Collection of Treatys, vol. I, p. 302, Almon, Treaties, vol. I, p. 13, Chalmers, A Collection of Treaties between Great Britain and other Powers, vol. I, p. 332, Jenkinson, Treaties, vol. I, p. 299 (which version is reproduced here), Gostling, Extracts from the Treaties ..., p. 33, Marine Treaties, p. 40, and Davenport, European Treaties bearing on the History of the United States, vol. II, p. 350. Another almost contemporary text is that of Bernard, Recueil des Traités de Paix, vol. IV, p. 672. The Treaty was confirmed by the later Treaties of 24 September/11 October 1698, that of 3/25 March 1700 between Great Britain, France and the Netherlands, that of 23/30 January 1700 between Great Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden, and that of 10 February 1763 between Great Britain, France and Spain.


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