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Treaty of Peace between France and Spain, signed at Aix-la-Chapelle, 2 May 1668


The Latin original of this Treaty of Peace is reproduced from Lünig, Teutsches Reichs-Archiv, Pars specialis, Continuatio I, p. 46. The French version is taken from Dumont, Corps Universel Diplomatique du Droit des Gens, vol. VII, Part I, p. 89, who, in turn, takes it from Léonard, Recueil des Traitez de Paix etc., vol. XIV, recording that Latin, German and French versions of it appear in Theatrum Pacis, vol. II and German versions in Theatrum Europaeum, vol. X, p. 762 and Gastelius, De statu publico Europae noviss., p. 164. The text reproduced contains also a Spanish version of what is expressed to be an Act whereby Great Britain and the Netherlands assure the Marquis of Castel-Rodrigo, the Governor of the Spanish Netherlands, that they guarantee the peace and engage to unite their land and sea forces for the defence of Spain, dated May 1668, which is taken from Abreu y Bertodano, Colección de los Tratados de Paz, vol. X, p. 385, who takes it from Historia del Emprador Leopoldo, vol. III, p. 134. See also the Guarantee by Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands of 7(9) May 1669.


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