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Treaty of Peace and Friendship between France and Austria, signed at Vienna, 19 January 1668


The Latin original and the English translation of this Treaty of Peace and Friendship are reproduced from Davenport, European Treaties etc., vol. II, p. 147, who takes the Latin original from the Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, recording that this treaty was signed on 20 January, about two hours after midnight, but dated the 19th because the Austrian negotiator's powers extended only to that date. The Treaty appears also in Legrelle, La Diplomatie Française et la Succession d'Espagne (1888-92), vol. I, app.n.5, p. 518. It was ratified by France, according to Bittner, Chronologisches Verzeichnis der oesterreichischen Staatsvertraege, vol. I, p. 68, on 2 February 1668.


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