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Treaty of Peace between Spain and the Netherlands, signed at Munster, 30 January 1648

From: Oxford Public International Law (http://opil.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2015. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber: null; date: 19 April 2019


The Latin text of this Treaty (taken from a version published by Aitzema in 1651 entitled Tractatus Pacis inter Hispaniae et Unitum Belgium, Monasterii...) includes the full powers of the plenipotentiaries of both parties, the ratifications (the Spanish undated, the Dutch dated 18 April 1648), and the form of proclamation of the Treaty by the Netherlands, which indicates that the exchange of ratifications was effected on 25 May 1648.

It includes also the lists of additional parties nominated for inclusion in the Peace in accordance with Article LXXII, as well as the Particular Article, concerning navigation and commerce, added to the Treaty on 4 February 1648. This Article was further explained by the Treaty of 17 December 1650.

The text reproduces also the Articles concerning the Prince of Orange of 8 January and 27 December 1647, which are incorporated into the Treaty by Article XLV. As to the implementation of the provisions by the handing over of Turnhout to Orange, see the Cession etc. of 26 October 1649. Further on the implementation of Article III etc. see the Treaty signed at Brussels between the parties on 20 September 1664.

The Latin text is to be found also in the Theatrum Pacis, vol. I, p. 3, and in Lündorp, Acta Publica, Part VI, p. 331.

The French translation given here is taken from Dumont, Corps Universel Diplomatique du Droit des Gens, vol. VI, Part I, p. 429, and by him (scil.) from Scheltus, Recueil van de Tractaaten etc. He records that it is to be found also in Aitzema, Historia Pacis, p. 687, and Recueil des Traités de Confédération et d'Alliance entre la Couronne de France etc. It exists also in German (Theatrum Pacis, loc. cit., Theatrum Europaeum, vol. VI, p. 460) and Italian (Siri, Mercurio, vol. XII, p. 158) translations. There is an abbreviated English translation in Jenkinson, Treaties etc., vol. I, p. 10. See also Venezuela-British Guiana Boundary Arbitration, Venezuelan Case, vol. III, p. 4.

Though not formally a component of the Peace of Westphalia (and thus, strictly, anterior to the present series) this Treaty is included here because of its general importance in European affairs of the succeeding decades.


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