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Oppenheim's International Law - Volume 1 Peace, 9th Edition edited by Jennings, Robert; Watts KCMG QC, Arthur (19th June 2008)


Edited By: Robert Jennings, Arthur Watts KCMG QC

From: Oppenheim's International Law: Volume 1 Peace (9th Edition)

Edited By: Robert Jennings, Arthur Watts KCMG QC

From: Oxford Public International Law (http://opil.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2015. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber: null; date: 19 April 2019

The books referred to in the bibliography and notes are, as a rule, quoted with their full titles and the date of their publication. But certain books and periodicals which are often referred to throughout this work are quoted in an abbreviated form. The list omits abbreviations of national law reports.

  • Accioly

    Accioly, Tratado de direito internacional público, 3 vols (1933–35)

  • AD

    Annual Digest and Reports of Public International Law Cases: vols 1 and 2, covering the years 1919–24, edited by Sir John Fischer Williams and H Lauterpacht; vols 3 and 4, covering 1925–28, edited by A D McNair and H Lauterpacht; vols 5–15, covering 1929–48, edited by H Lauterpacht. Thereafter see ILR

  • AFDI

    Annuaire français de droit international

  • AJ

    American Journal of International Law

  • Ann Suisse

    Annuaire Suisse de droit international

  • Annuaire

    Annuaire de l’Institut de Droit International

  • Anzilotti

    Anzilotti, Corso di diritto internazionale, vol 1, 3rd ed (1928) (Fr trans by Gidel, 1929); vol 3, pt 1 (1915)

  • AS Proceedings

    Proceedings of the American Society of International Law

  • Aust YBIL

    Australian Year Book of International Law

  • Balladore Pallieri

    Balladore Pallieri, Diritto internazionale pubblico (1937)

  • Baty

    Baty, The Canons of International Law (1930)

  • BFSP

    British and Foreign State Papers (Hertslet), vol 1 (for 1812–14), continued up to vol 170 (for 1968)

  • Bibliotheca Visseriana

    Bibliotheca Visseriana Dissertationum Jus Internationale Illustrantium

  • Bittner

    Bittner, Die Lehre von völkerrechtlichen Urkunden (1924)

  • Bluntschli

    Bluntschli, Das moderne Völkerrecht der civilisirten Staaten als Rechtsbuch dargestellt, 3rd ed (1878)

  • Borchard

    Borchard, The Diplomatic Protection of Citizens Abroad (1915)

  • BPIL

    E Lauterpacht, British Practice in International Law, pts for 1963–67

  • Brierly

    Brierly, The Law of Nations, 6th ed (1963)

  • Bustamante

    Bustamante, Derecho international público, 3 vols (1933–35)

  • BY

    British Year Book of International Law

  • Calvo

    Calvo, Le Droit international théorique et pratique, 5th ed, 6 vols (1896)

  • Can YBIL

    Canadian Year Book of International Law

  • Cavaglieri

    Cavaglieri, Lezioni di diritto internazionale (general part, 1925)


    Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa

  • CL

    Current Law

  • CLJ

    Cambridge Law Journal

  • Clunet

    Journal du droit international

  • CML Rev

    Common Market Law Review

  • Colombos

    Colombos, The International Law of the Sea, 6th ed (1967)

  • Cruchaga

    Cruchaga-Tocornal, Nociones de derecho internacional, 3rd ed, 2 vols (1923–25)

  • Dicey and Morris

    Dicey and Morris, Conflict of Laws, 11th ed (1987)

  • (p. xvi) Dickinson, Cases

    Dickinson, Cases and Other Materials on International Law (1950)

  • Documents

    Documents on International Affairs

  • DS Bull

    Department of State Bulletin

  • ECTS

    United Kingdom European Community Treaty Series, vol 1 (1974), and annual volumes subsequently

  • Europ YB

    European Year Book

  • Fauchille

    Fauchille, Traité de droit international public, 8th ed of Bonfils’ Manuel de droit international public, vol 1, pt 1 (1922); vol 1, pt 2 (1925); vol 1, pt 3 (1926); vol 2 (1921)

  • Fenwick

    Fenwick, International Law, 3rd ed (1948)

  • Fiore

    Fiore, Nouveau droit international public (Fr trans by Antoine from 2nd Italian ed), 3 vols (1885)

  • Fiore, Code

    Fiore, International Law Codified (Eng trans by Borchard from 5th Italian ed) (1918)

  • Fischer Williams, Chapters

    Fischer Williams, Chapters on Current International Law and the League of Nations (1929)

  • Fontes Juris Gentium

    Fontes Juris Gentium. Series A: successive vols published periodically from 1931 digesting decisions of the PCIJ, ICJ, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration (pt 1), and decisions of German courts relating to public international law (pt 2)

  • Ga JIL

    Georgia Journal of International Law

  • Ga JI & CL

    Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law

  • Ga Law Rev

    Georgia Law Review

  • Garner, Developments

    Garner, Recent Developments in International Law (1925)

  • Gemma

    Gemma, Appunti di diritto internazionale (1923)

  • Genet

    Genet, Traité de diplomatie et de droit diplomatique, 3 vols (1931–32)

  • Geo LJ

    Georgetown Law Journal

  • Germ YBIL

    German Year Book of International Law

  • Gidel

    Gidel, Le Droit international public de la mer, le temps de paix: vol 1. Introduction — La Haute mer (1932); vol 2. Les eaux intérieures (1932); vol 3. La Mer territoriale et la zone contiguë (1934)

  • Grotius

    Grotius, De Jure Belli ac Pacis (1625)

  • Grotius Annuaire

    Grotius Annuaire International

  • Grotius Society

    Transactions of the Grotius Society

  • Guggenheim

    Guggenheim, Lehrbuch des Völkerrechts, pts 1 and 2 (1947)

  • Hackworth

    Hackworth, Digest of International Law, 7 vols (1940–43)

  • Hag R

    Recueil des cours, Académie de Droit International de La Haye

  • Hague YBIL

    Hague Year Book of International Law

  • Hall

    Hall, A Treatise on International Law, 8th ed (1924) by A Pearce Higgins

  • Harv ILJ

    Harvard International Law Journal

  • Harv Research

    Research in International Law. Under the auspices of the Harvard Law School. Draft conventions prepared for the codification of international law. Directed by M O Hudson: (1929) 1. Nationality (Reporter: Flournoy); 2. Responsibility of States (Borchard); 3. Territorial Waters (G G Wilson); (1932) 1. Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities (Reeves); 2. Legal Position and Functions of Consuls (Quincy Wright); 3. Competence of Courts in regard to Foreign States (Jessup); 4. Piracy (Bingham); 5. A Collection of Piracy Laws of Various Countries (Morrison); (1935) 1. Extradition (Burdick); 2. Jurisdiction with respect to Crime (Dickinson); 3. Treaties (Garner)

  • Heffter

    Heffter, Das europäische Völkerrecht der Gegenwart, 8th ed by Geffcken (1888)

  • Heilborn, System

    Heilborn, Das System des Völkerrechts entwickelt aus den völkerrechtlichen Begriffen (1896)

  • (p. xvii) Hertslet’s Commercial Treaties

    Hertslet, Collection of Treaties and Conventions between Great Britain and Other Powers, so far as they relate to Commerce and Navigation, 31 vols (1820–1925) (reprinted in 10 vols, 1970)

  • HLR

    Harvard Law Review

  • Holland, Lectures

    Holland, Lectures on International Law, eds T A and W L Walker (1933)

  • Holland, Studies

    Holland, Studies in International Law (1898)

  • Holtzendorff

    Holtzendorff, Handbuch des Völkerrechts, 4 vols (1885–89)

  • Hudson Cases

    Hudson, Cases and Other Materials on International Law, 3rd ed (1951)

  • Hudson, Legislation

    Hudson, International Legislation, vols 1–9 (1931–50)

  • Hyde

    Hyde, International Law, chiefly as interpreted and applied by the United States, 2nd ed, 3 vols (1947)

  • IBS

    International Boundary Service

  • ICLQ

    International and Comparative Law Quarterly

  • ILM

    International Legal Materials

  • ILQ

    International Law Quarterly, 4 vols, 1947–51

  • ILR

    International Law Reports (in continuation of AD), vols 16–23 (ed H Lauterpacht) covering 1949 to 1956; vol 24 (eds H and E Lauterpacht) for 1957; vols 25 and 26 (ed E Lauterpacht) for 1958; vols 27–81 (ed E Lauterpacht); vols 82 onwards (eds E Lauterpacht and Greenwood)

  • Indian JIL

    Indian Journal of International Law

  • Int Stud

    International Studies

  • Israel YBHR

    Israel Year Book on Human Rights

  • Ital YBIL

    Italian Year Book of International Law

  • JCL

    Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law


    Jewish Year Book of International Law

  • Keith’s Wheaton

    Wheaton’s Elements of International Law, 6th Eng ed by A Berriedale Keith, vol 1 (1929); vol 2, 7th ed (1944)

  • Kiss, Répertoire

    Kiss, Répertoire de la Pratique française en matière de droit international public, 7 vols (1962–72)

  • Lapradelle-Politis

    Lapradelle-Politis, Recueil des arbitrages internationaux, vol 1 (1905); vol 2 (1924)

  • H Lauterpacht, Analogies

    H Lauterpacht, Private Law Sources and Analogies of International Law (1927)

  • H Lauterpacht, The Function of Law

    H Lauterpacht, The Function of Law in the International Community (1933)

  • Lawrence

    Lawrence, The Principles of International Law, 7th ed, revised by P H Winfield (1923)

  • Lindley

    Lindley, The Acquisition and Government of Backward Territory in International Law (1926)

  • Liszt

    Liszt, Das Völkerrecht, 12th ed by Fleischmann (1925)

  • LNTS

    League of Nations Treaty Series. Publication of Treaties and International Engagements registered with the Secretariat of the League of Nations

  • Lorimer

    Lorimer, The Institutes of International Law, 2 vols (1883–84)

  • LOS Convention

    United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982

  • De Louter

    De Louter, Le Droit international public positif (Fr trans from Dutch original), 2 vols (1920)

  • LQR

    Law Quarterly Review

  • McNair, Opinions

    McNair, International Law Opinions, 3 vols (1956)

  • McNair, Treaties

    McNair, Law of Treaties (1961)

  • Maine

    Maine, International Law, 2nd ed (1894)

  • Martens

    Martens, Völkerrecht (Germ trans from Russian original), 2 vols (1883–86)

  • Martens, Causes célèbres

    Martens, Causes célèbres du droit des gens, 2nd ed, 5 vols (1858–61)

  • Martens, G F

    G F Martens, Précis du droit des gens moderne de l’Europe, new ed by Vergé, 2 vols (1858)

  • (p. xviii) Martens, R, Martens, N R, Martens, N S, Martens, N R G, Martens, N R G, 2nd series, Martens, N R G, 3rd series

    These are the abbreviated quotations of the different parts of Martens, Recueil de Traités, which are in common use

  • Mérignhac

    Mérignhac, Traité de droit public international, vol 1 (1905); vol 2 (1907); vol 3 (1912)

  • MLR

    Modern Law Review

  • Möller

    Möller, International Law in Peace and War (Eng trans from Danish), vol 1 (1931); vol 2 (1935)

  • Moore

    Moore, A Digest of International Law, 8 vols (1906)

  • Moore, International Arbitrations

    Moore, History and Digest of the International Arbitrations to which the United States has been a Party, 6 vols (1898)

  • Nat Res Lawyer

    Natural Resources Lawyer

  • Neth IL Rev

    Netherlands International Law Review

  • Neth YBIL

    Netherlands Year Book of International Law

  • Nordisk TA

    Nordisk Tidskrift for International Ret. Acta scandinavica juris gentium

  • Nys

    Nys, Le Droit international, 2nd ed, 3 vols (1912)


    New York University Law Quarterly Review


    New York University Law Review

  • Ocean Dev & IL

    Ocean Development and International Law

  • Off J

    Official Journal of the League of Nations

  • OJ

    Official Journal of the European Community

  • ÖJZ

    Österreichische Juristen Zeitung

  • ÖZöR

    Österreichische Zeitschrift für öffentliches Recht

  • Parry, BDIL

    Parry, British Digest of International Law, vol 2b (1967); vols 5–8 (1965)

  • Parry, Nationality and Citizenship

    Parry, Nationality and Citizenship Laws of the Commonwealth and Republic of Ireland (1957), and vol 2 (1960)

  • PCIJ

    Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice:

    • Series A


    • B

      Advisory opinions

    • A/B

      Cumulative collection of judgments and advisory opinions given since 1931

    • C

      Acts and documents relating to judgments and advisory opinions

    • D

      Collection of texts governing the jurisdiction of the court

    • E

      Annual reports

  • Perels

    Perels, Das internationale öffentliche Seerecht de Gegenwart, 2nd ed (1903)

  • Phillimore

    Phillimore, Commentaries upon International Law, 3rd ed, 4 vols (1879–88)

  • Praag

    Praag, Jurisdiction et droit international public (1915)

  • Praag, Supplément

    Supplement to the above (1935)

  • Pradier-Fodéré

    Pradier-Fodéré, Traité de droit international public, 8 vols (1885–1906)

  • Pufendorf

    Pufendorf, De Jure Naturae et Gentium (1672)

  • Ralston

    Ralston, The Law and Procedure of International Tribunals, rev ed (1926); supplement (1936)

  • Ray, Commentaire

    Ray, Commentaire du Pacte (1930)

  • Recueil TAM

    Recueil des décisions des tribunaux arbitraux mixtes

  • Reddie, Researches

    Reddie, Researches, Historical and Critical, in Maritime International Law, 2 vols (1844)

  • Répertoire

    Lapradelle et Niboyet, Répertoire de droit international. Founded by Darras in 1929

  • Restatement (Third)

    American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law: the Foreign Relations of the United States, 3rd ed, 2 vols (1987)

  • Rev Belge

    Revue Belge de droit international

  • RG

    Revue générale de droit international public

  • RI

    Revue de droit international et de législation comparée

  • (p. xix) RIAA

    United Nations Reports of International Arbitral Awards

  • RIF

    Revue internationale française du droit des gens

  • RI (Geneva)

    Revue de droit international, de sciences diplomatiques, politiques et sociales

  • RI (Paris)

    Revue de droit international

  • Rivier

    Rivier, Principes du droit des gens, 2 vols (1896)

  • Rivista

    Rivista di diritto internazionale

  • Rousseau

    Rousseau, Principes généraux du droit international public, vol 1 (1944). The same author’s Droit International Public, 2nd ed, 5 vols (1970–83), is referred to in full where necessary

  • Satow

    Satow, A Guide to Diplomatic Practice, 5th ed by Gore-Booth (1979)


    South African Year Book of International Law

  • Scand SL

    Scandinavian Studies in Law

  • Scelle

    Scelle, Précis de droit des gens, vol 1 (1932); vol 2 (1934)

  • Schücking und Wehberg

    Schücking und Wehberg, Die Satzung des Völkerbundes, 2nd ed (1924)

  • Schwarzenberger

    Schwarzenberger, International Law as Applied by International Courts and Tribunals, vol 1, 3rd ed (1957); vol 2 (1968); vol 3 (1976); vol 4 (1986)

  • Scott, Cases

    Scott, Cases on International Law (1922)

  • Sibert

    Sibert, Traité de droit international public, 2 vols (1951)

  • Sirey

    Recueil général des lois et des arrêts (founded by Sirey)

  • Smith

    Smith, Great Britain and the Law of Nations, a Selection of Documents, vol 1 (1932); vol 2 (1935)

  • Spiropoulos

    Spiropoulos, Traité théorique et pratique de droit international public (1933)

  • Stan JIS

    Stanford Journal of International Studies

  • Stowell

    Stowell, International Law. A Restatement of Principles in Conformity with Actual Practice (1931)

  • Strupp, Éléments

    Strupp, Éléments du droit international public, universel, européen et américain, 2nd ed, 3 vols (1930)

  • Strupp, Wört.

    Wörterbuch des Völkerrechts und der Diplomatie (ed Strupp, begun by Hatschek), 3 vols (1924–29)

  • Strupp-Schlochauer, Wört.

    Wörterbuch des Völkerrechts, 3 vols (1960–62)

  • Suarez

    Suarez, Tratado de Derecho international público, 2 vols (1916)

  • Syr JIL & Com

    Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce

  • Temperley

    Temperley, History of the Peace Conference of Paris, 6 vols (1920–24)

  • Testa

    Testa, Le droit public international maritime (Fr trans by Boutiron from Portuguese) (1886)

  • TIAS

    US Treaties and other International Acts

  • Toynbee, Survey

    Toynbee, Survey of International Affairs

  • Travers

    Travers, Le droit pénal international, 5 vols (1920–22)

  • TS

    United Kingdom Treaty Series, vol 1 (1892), and one or more volumes every year

  • Twiss

    Twiss, The Law of Nations, etc, 2 vols, 2nd ed, vol 1. Peace (1884); vol 2. War (1875)

  • UK Contemporary Practice

    E Lauterpacht, Contemporary Practice of the United Kingdom in the Field of International Law, pts for 1956–62


    United Kingdom Materials on International Law (in BY)

  • UN Juridical YB

    United Nations Juridical Year Book

  • UN Repertoire

    Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council 1946–1951 (1954), with Supplements for 1952–55, (1957) 1956–58 (1959), 1959–63 (1965), 1964–65 (1968), 1966–68 (1971), 1969–71 (1976), 1972–74 (1979) and 1975–80 (1987)

  • UNTS

    United Nations Treaty Series

  • UNYB

    United Nations Year Book

  • US Digest

    Digest of United States Practice in International Law, published in annual vols, 1973 onwards

  • UST

    US Treaties and other International Agreements

  • USTS

    US Treaty Series

  • (p. xx) Vattel

    Vattel, Le Droit des gens, 4 books in 2 vols, new ed (1773)

  • Verdross

    Verdross, Die Verfassung der Völkerrechtsgemeinschaft (1926)

  • Walker

    Walker, A Manual of Public International Law (1895)

  • Walker, History

    Walker, A History of the Law of Nations, vol 1 (1899)

  • Walker, Science

    Walker, The Science of International Law (1893)

  • Weis, Nationality and Statelessness

    Weis, Nationality and Statelessness in International Law (2nd ed, 1979)

  • Westlake

    Westlake, International Law, 2nd ed, 2 vols (1910–13)

  • Westlake, Chapters

    Westlake, Chapters on the Principles of International Law (1894)

  • Westlake, Papers

    The Collected Papers of John Westlake on Public International Law (ed L Oppenheim) (1914)

  • Wharton

    Wharton, A Digest of the International Law of the United States, 3 vols (1886)

  • Wheaton

    Wheaton, Elements of International Law, 8th US ed by Dana (1866)

  • Whiteman, Digest

    Whiteman, Digest of International Law, 15 vols (1963–73)

  • Yale JIL

    Yale Journal of International Law


    Year Book of the European Convention on Human Rights


    Year Book of the International Law Commission

  • ZI

    Zeitschrift für internationales Recht

  • ZLW

    Zeitschrift für Luft und Weltraumrecht

  • ZöR

    Zeitschrift für öffentliches Recht

  • ZöV

    Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht

  • ZV

    Zeitschrift für Völkerrecht