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The International Law of Occupation, 2nd Edition by Benvenisti, Eyal (23rd February 2012)

10 The Administration of Territory by the United Nations: The Case of UNMIK in Kosovo

From: The International Law of Occupation (2nd Edition)

Eyal Benvenisti

Humanitarian intervention — Occupation
Beginning with the intervention in Somalia in December 1992, the UN Security Council acted under Chapter VII to authorize the non-consensual administration of territories of member states in internal or international post-conflict situations. 1 While the preferred policy was to rely formally on domestic institutions, as was the case, for example, in Cambodia (1991), 2 Haiti (1994), 3 and Bosnia (1995), 4 when such institutions were not available the Security Council assigned responsibility to the forces which were in control of the foreign area, as in the case of...
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