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The Law of International Responsibility edited by Crawford, James; Pellet, Alain; Olleson, Simon; Parlett (Assistant), Kate (20th May 2010)

Part V The Implementation of International Responsibility, Ch.71 Notice of Claim by an Injured State

Jacqueline Peel

From: The Law of International Responsibility

Edited By: James Crawford, Alain Pellet, Simon Olleson, Kate Parlett (Assistant)

Responsibility of states — Wrongful acts — Reparations
Article 43 on ‘Notice of claim by an injured State’ is the first of a series of provisions in Part Three, Chapter I of the ILC Articles dealing with procedural aspects of the invocation of responsibility by an injured State. Notification by an injured State of its claim against a responsible State was a matter not addressed in the first reading draft, which focused instead on the substantive rights of the ‘injured State’ to cessation and reparation. 1 As part of the reconsideration of the Draft Articles on second reading, the Special Rapporteur recommended the...
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