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Freedom of Religion or Belief - An International Law Commentary by Bielefeldt, Prof Heiner; Ghanea, Nazila, Dr; Wiener, Michael, Dr (21st January 2016)

Part 3 Vulnerable Groups, 3.6 Migrant Workers

Heiner Bielefeldt, Nazila Ghanea, Michael Wiener

From: Freedom of Religion or Belief: An International Law Commentary

Prof Heiner Bielefeldt, Nazila Ghanea, Michael Wiener

Religion — Freedom of association — Freedom of expression — Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion — Detention — Minorities — Right to education — Right to family — Right to have access to public service — Right to work

This chapter discusses issues concerning migrant workers’ right to freedom of religion. The right to freedom of religion or belief of migrant workers is often even more violated than that of religious minorities, since being outside the State of nationality in practice weakens equal access to human rights. These violations include abuses of their right to life, arbitrary detention and various forms of discrimination in the labour market, housing, and in relation to education, and citizenship. International human rights law, however, guarantees migrant workers and members of their families enjoyment of the full scope of freedom of religion or belief, including its manifestation in public and in community with others, in worship, observance, practice, and teaching.

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