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Counter-Terrorism - International Law and Practice edited by Salinas de Frías, Ana María; Samuel, Katja; White, Nigel D (1st January 2012)

Part II Multidisciplinary Perspectives On The Rule Of Law In Action, 14 Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism

Gerald Staberock

From: Counter-Terrorism: International Law and Practice

Edited By: Ana María Salinas de Frías, Katja Samuel, Nigel D White

Torture — Terrorism — Imprisonment — Individual criminal responsibility — Duty to investigate — Rule of law — Customary international law — European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) — Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR)
Ten years into the global counter-terrorism agenda, the international community has reached a critical turning point in ensuring human rights compliant responses to terrorism. After years of operating in a mode of ‘permanent exceptionality’ and intense questioning of human rights law there are now opportunities to construct a viable, sober response to terrorism. The legal aspects of such a response need to integrate human rights law fully and vigorously uphold the principle of accountability. The prospects for achieving this objective have considerably improved...
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