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Counter-Terrorism - International Law and Practice edited by Salinas de Frías, Ana María; Samuel, Katja; White, Nigel D (1st January 2012)

Part I Counter-terrorism and The Rule of Law Framework, 2 The Rule of Law Framework and its Lacunae

Katja LH Samuel

From: Counter-Terrorism: International Law and Practice

Edited By: Ana María Salinas de Frías, Katja Samuel, Nigel D White

Rule of law — General principles of international law — Customary international law — Aut dedere aut judicare — Jurisdiction of states, extra-territorial
As was explained in the introduction, the current volume examines what the rule of law means in the context of counter-terrorism. In particular, it focuses on four sets of principles which form the backbone of the existing international rule of law framework and UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (UN CT Strategy), 1 namely international human rights, humanitarian, criminal, and refugee/immigration law, in addition to the UN Charter and general principles of international law. In each of the subsequent chapters, there is detailed examination of many specific...
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