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The Oxford Law Citator

The Oxford Law Citator, with its distinctive orange icon, is central to the research experience for all OUP’s online Law products.

oxia oxford law citator logo

The Citator integrates and links the content of all of our online law resources from Oxford University Press, and provides a record for:

  • every item of content published on an OUP Law online service, and
  • every reference within content published on an OUP Law online service

The Citator facilitates linking:

  • between content items, and
  • to reliable external sources

Use the Citator to:

  • find a definitive citation for a piece of legal information
  • find other things that discuss or mention something (e.g. a case, or a legislative or treaty provision)
  • find other items in the same subject area or from the same jurisdiction, and
  • link onwards to reliable full text of relevant sources, on OUP services or the wider web

Access the Citator:

  • From any content page, click the Oxford Law Citator icon above the Table of Contents on the left side of the screen to go to the Citator record for that document.
  • The Citator record will open in the same browser window. If you want to open it in a new tab, keeping your original document open, right click on the icon with your mouse and select “Open in new tab”
  • Alternatively, click on any bibliographic link in the content to call up a box containing the full citation, together with a link to the Oxford Law Citator for that item, and a link to the full text where available on an OUP service.

oxia bibliographic item box

From your starting point, you may continue your research journey by exploring the links in the Related Items panel. These links take you to other items (Citator record or full text where available) which reference or are referenced by the item you are looking at, allowing you to find (e.g.)

  • commentary about a case or treaty provision,
  • cases which cite each other
  • related stages in a set of proceedings
  • content in the same subject area, or which originates from or applies to the same jurisdiction

More information about the Oxford Law Citator.

Further Help in using the Citator.