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Monthly Editorials

Great peace treaties

October 20, 2014—The non-Westphalian Peace

1648 as the starting point of the Consolidated Treaty Series

November 10, 2014—The Peace of Utrecht and the Balance of Power

Marking the tercentenary of the Peace of Utrecht which put an end to one of the most devastating wars in early-modern European history, the War of the Spanish Succession

February 23, 2015—The Congress of Vienna (1814–1815)

Honoring the bicentennial of the Congress of Vienna which marked the establishment of a new political and legal order for Europe after more than two decades of turmoil and war following the French Revolution

June 22, 2015—The Peace of Breda (1667)

Learn about the signing of the Treaty of Breda and other treaties related to the Peace of Breda


Treaty-making and treaty law

March 10, 2015—Double-dating: Treaties under the Julian and Gregorian Calendars

Learn why the double-dating of treaties is so common in OHT

October 2, 2015—Inclusion Clauses and the Bilateral Nature of Early-modern Peace Treaties

Lesaffer delves into the history of inclusion clauses in early-modern peace treaties

January 5, 2017—The Peace of Aachen (1748) and the Rise of Multilateral Treaties

Randall Lesaffer explores the Peace of Aachen and the Rise of Multilateral Treaties.

The formation of international law through treaties

July 17, 2015—Vienna and the Abolition of the Slave Trade

The Vienna Congress of 1814–1815 played a seminal role in the abolition of slavery - learn how with the latest editorial from Oxford Historical Treaties Editor, Randall Lesaffer

December 12, 2015—Vienna and the Codification of Diplomatic Law

Randall Lesaffer on the legacy of the Congress of Vienna for diplomatic relations

June 1, 2016—The Birth of Modern Private International Law: The Treaties of Montevideo (1889, amended 1940)

Ana Delić explores the historical significance of The Treaties of Montevideo, and traces the origins of modern Private International Law.


August 11, 2015—The Iran-Iraq Border: A Story of Too Many Treaties

Randall Lesaffer discusses the Iran-Iraq border disputes and the treaties that pre-dated the 1980 invasion of Iran by Iraq.

March 30, 2016—Demarcating Sovereignty: A History of Dutch-Belgian Land Swaps

Randall Lesaffer on what could be the first border correction between the two countries since the early days of Belgium’s independence from the Netherlands.

The nature of peace treaties

November 9, 2015—Wiping the slate clean… for now: Amnesty in early-modern peace treaties

Learn more about so-called amnesty clauses.

June 21, 2017—From Hostage to Fortune to Prisoner of War

Randall Lesaffer discusses the release of prisoners of war through peace treaties.

July 28, 2017—Splitting the Distance

Randall Lesaffer discusses summit meetings in early modern Europe.

The order of Europe 1648-1815

January 19, 2016—Fortress Belgium – The 1715 Barrier Treaty

Randall Lesaffer explores the historical significance of the 1715 Barrier Treaty

July 29, 2016—The Diplomatic Revolution: The First Alliance of Versailles (1756)

Randall Lesaffer delves into the history of the first alliance of Versailles in 1756. An agreement which consisted of two treaties and seven separate articles, five of which were to be kept secret.

August 24, 2016—The Diplomatic Revolution: The Second Treaty of Versailles (1757)

In this second installment of a two-part editorial, Randall Lesaffer continues the discussion on the events surrounding the treaties of Versailles.

March 1, 2017—The 18th-century Antecedents of the Concert of Europe I: The Triple Alliance of 1717

Randall Lesaffer discusses the signing of the Triple Alliance of The Hague.

April 26, 2017—The 18th-century Antecedents of the Concert of Europe II: The Quadruple Alliance of 1718

Randall Lesaffer discusses the Quadruple Alliance of 1718.

January 15, 2015—The League of Hanover (3 September 1725): Safeguarding the European Balance

The treaty of alliance of Hanover concluded for a duration of fifteen years between Louis XV of France, George I of Great Britain/Hanover and Frederick William I of Brandenburg/Prussia, the so-called ‘League of Hanover’, is an important response to imperial hegemonic aspirations. 

The order of Europe and the West 1815-1920

October 4, 2016—1864

Randall Lesaffer explores the historical significance of the Schleswig-Holstein War of 1864, aka the Danish-German (or Danish-Prussian) war.

November 1, 2016—The War of 1866 and the Undoing of Vienna

Randall Lesaffer delves into the War of 1866, and discusses the resulting peace settlement which excluded Austria from German affairs, and ultimately unlocked Prussia’s ambition in Northern Germany.

The creation of a global order

May 13, 2015—Treaties Concluded by the Kingdom of Ryukyu

Discover the rich history of treaties signed by the Kingdom of Ryukyu


September 24, 2014—Letter from the Editor

Treaties and international history—An introduction to Oxford Historical Treaties