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OMIL Anniversary - Series List


On 18 June we are celebrating the 30 year anniversary of our landmark Oxford Monographs in International Law series. The first book to publish was David Attard’s The Exclusive Economic Zone in International Law and the series’ 70th title, on legal dilemmas in international law, will publish in July. Books in the series span all areas of international law and many have become classics in their field.

To mark the anniversary, we are freeing up 30 chapters to celebrate 30 years of the series. 

Series Editors:

Catherine Redgwell, Chichele Professor of Public International Law in the University of Oxford and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford

Roger O'Keefe, Professor of Public International Law at University College London


Title Author(s) / Editor(s) Date
Institutionalizing State Responsibility Proulx 05/05/2016
Power of Process Hovell 21/01/2016
Jurisdiction in International Law 2nd ed  Ryngaert 16/04/2015
Treaties on Transit of Energy via Pipelines and Countermeasures Azaria 26/03/2015
Complicity in International Law Jackson 12/03/2015
Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Armed Conflict Giacca 02/10/2014
Corporate Obligations Under International Law Karavias 28/11/2013
A Contemporary Concept of Monetary Sovereignty Zimmermann 07/11/2013
Applicable Law in Investor-State Arbitration Kjos 21/03/2013
The International Minimum Standard and Fair and Equitable Treatment Paparinskis 31/01/2013  
The Margin of Appreciation in International Human Rights Law Legg 05/07/2012
Individual Criminal Responsibility in International Law Van Sliedregt 01/03/2012
Formalism and the Sources of International Law D'Aspremont 15/09/2011
Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties Milanovic 14/07/2011
State Responsibility for International Terrorism Trapp 02/06/2011
Disobeying the Security Council Tzanakopoulos 27/01/2011
Maritime Security and the Law of the Sea Klein 13/01/2011
Extraterritorial Use of Force Against Non-State Actors Lubell 27/05/2010
The Collective Responsibility of States to Protect Refugees Hurwitz 27/08/2009
Jurisdiction in International Law Ryngaert 02/10/2008
The Interpretation of Acts and the Rules in Public International Law Orakhelashvili 26/06/2008
Targeted Killing in International Law Melzer 29/05/2008
The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in the International Law of Foreign Investment Tudor 13/03/2008
Diplomatic Protection Amerasinghe 07/02/2008
Human Rights and Non-Discrimination in the 'War on Terror Moeckli 24/01/2008
The Decolonization of International Law Craven 27/12/2007
Investment Treaty Arbitration and Public Law Van Harten  22/02/2007
Complementary Protection in International Refugee La McAdam 02/06/2011
Defining Terrorism in International Law Saul 31/08/2006
Peremptory Norms in International Law Orakhelashvili 08/06/2006
Differential Treatment in International Environmental Law Rajamani 12/01/2006
International Organizations and their Exercise of Sovereign Powers Sarooshi 14/07/2005
International Human Rights and Islamic Law Baderin 11/09/2003
Universal Jurisdiction Reydams 12/06/2003
Human Rights in International Criminal Proceedings Zappalà 06/03/2003
International Criminal Justice and the International Criminal Court Broomhall 06/02/2003
The Law of International Watercourses McCaffrey 04/10/2001
Towards an International Criminal Procedure Safferling 12/04/2001
Just War or Just Peace Chesterman 25/01/2001
State Responsibility for Transboundary Air Pollution in International Law Okowa 23/11/2000
The Responsibility of States for International Crimes Jorgensen 09/11/2000
Human Rights Standards and the Movement of People Within States Beyani 24/02/2000
International Law and Infectious Diseases Fidler 20/05/1999
The United Nations and the Development of Collective Security Sarooshi 18/03/1999
Naval Weapons Systems and the Contemporary Law of War Busuttil 25/06/1998
Recognition of Governments in International Law Talmon 19/03/1998
The Regime of Straits in International Law Jia 11/12/1997
The Concept of International Obligations Erga Omnes Ragazzi 09/10/1997
Self Determination and National Minorities Musgrave 14/08/1997
Land and Maritime Zones of Peace in International Law Subedi 28/03/1996
International Management of Hazardous Wastes Kummer 12/10/1995
The International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Craven 27/07/1995
The Termination and Revision of Treaties in the Light of New Customary International Law Kontou 05/01/1995
The New International Law of Fisheries Burke 30/06/1994
Human Rights in the Private Sphere Clapham 09/12/1993
Third Parties in International Law Chinkin 10/06/1993
The International Law of Maritime Boundaries and the Practice of States in the Mediterranean Sea Ahnish 10/06/1993
China's Practice in the Law of the Sea Greenfield 18/06/1992
Human Rights in States of Emergency in International Law Oraá 27/02/1992
The Human Rights Committee McGoldrick 09/05/1991
Surrender, Occupation, and Private Property in International Law Ando 21/03/1991
Land-Locked and Geographically Disadvantaged State in the International Law of the Sea Vasciannie 16/08/1990
Relevant Circumstances and Maritime Delimitation Evans 09/02/1989
The Shatt-Al-Arab Boundary Question Kaikobad 14/07/1988
State Responsibility and the Marine Environment Smith 05/05/1988
The Legality of Non-Forcible Counter-Measures in International Law Elagab 28/04/1988
The Juridical Bay Westerman 10/03/1988
Judicial Remedies in International Law Gray 30/07/1987
Occupation, Resistance, and Law Roberts 1987
The Exclusive Economic Zone in International Law Attard 18/06/1987

To mark the anniversary, we are freeing up 30 chapters to celebrate 30 years of the series.