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30 chapters to celebrate 30 years


To mark the 30th anniversary of Oxford Monographs in International Law, we are freeing up 30 chapters to celebrate 30 years of the series. 


Chapter Author
Crossing the Conceptual Rubicon: Understanding Secondary Norms of State Responsibility Proulx
The Case for Procedural Reform Hovell
Public International Law Approaches to Jurisdiction Ryngaert
The Scope and Content of Obligations Regarding Transit of Energy Azaria
State Complicity—A Framework Jackson
Treaty Obligations of States for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights Giacca
A Revision of the Concept of Monetary Sovereignty Zimmermann
International Minimum Standard and General International Law Paparinskis
The Concept and the Rationale of Formalism in International Law D'Aspremont
Models of Extraterritorial Application Milanovic
The prohibition of state terrorism and questions of attribution Trapp
Responsibility as a Form of Accountability and the UN Legal Order Tzanakopoulos
Terrorism and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Klein
The Possibility of Self-Defence Against Non-State Actors Lubell
Origins and Developments of Arrangements to Allocate Responsibility for the Protection of Refugees Hurwitz
Targeted Killing in Contemporary Legal Doctrine Melzer
Introduction: Liberty and Security in an Age of (Counter-)Terrorism Moeckli
Codification and Decolonization 1950–1974 Craven
The Transformation of International Law Van Harten
Reasons for Defining and Criminalizing Terrorism Saul
International Organizations as a Forum for the Contestation of Sovereignty Sarooshi
Human Rights and Islamic Law Baderin
Doctrine Reydams
From National to International Responsibility Broomhall
The Just War Chesterman
General International Law and Transboundary Air Pollution: Norms, Concepts, and Principles Okowa
Efforts to Codify and Develop the Law Relating to International Criminal Responsibility Jorgensen
Meanings of Recognition of Governments in International Law, 1 Meanings of ‘Recognition’ Talmon
The Problem Chinkin
Scope and Future Development of Judicial Remedies Gray