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Oxford International Organizations: Launching Autumn 2017

International organizations (IOs) are an important area of research both within international law and international relations. They have been growing in number and influence over the past decades, and virtually every important question of foreign policy, trade, and international affairs now falls within the purview of one international organization or another. At the same time, important materials and decisions are scattered over the websites of hundreds of different IOs, if they are online at all, and are often difficult to find. Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) fills this gap, enabling comparative research of key issues across IOs. 

OXIO collects and analyses primary materials on international organizations (IOs), ranging from their constituent instruments, resolutions, agreements with host states, to national and international court decisions and states' declarations and policy statements. The resource includes materials on lesser-known and regional organizations as well as well-known ones such as the UN, WHO, IMF, and World Bank.

Each headnote includes the full text of the material in question, an overview of basic information and core issues, and detailed analysis. Edited by a team of experts in the law of IOs and written by subject specialists, the headnotes put each document into context and explain its background and impact. The analysis draws out the materials' wider relevance for the law of international organizations, or for the international law and relations more generally. Taken together, the headnotes illuminate the internal procedures of a wide range of IOs and their external impact.

The subject taxonomy makes it easy to find materials on a certain topic across different IOs. Powered by the Oxford Law Citator, researchers can instantly follow citations from within OXIO headnotes to other sources. 

With over 150 documents and headnotes at launch and regular updates following launch, OXIO will be invaluable to practitioners, scholars, and students working at the interface of international organizations and international law. 

  • Provides practitioners, scholars, and students with instant access to classic as well as more obscure materials on the law of international organizations
  • Enables comparative research across a wide range of organizations
  • Headnotes include expert analysis of each document, setting out their impact on the internal working of the organization in question; and the development of the law of international organizations generally
  • Shows how international organizations have contributed to the development of international law
  • Continuously expanded with new materials to give researchers a full overview of the legal frameworks, processes, and impact of a growing range of organizations
  • Allows researchers to search and browse across the full range of organizations, and drill down into particular subjects with sophisticated browsing functionality
  • Powered by the Oxford Law Citator, allowing researchers to follow citations and other links between content 


About the Editors:

Jean d'Aspremont, Professor of Public International Law, Manchester International Law Centre, University of Manchester

Catherine Brölmann, Associate Professor of International Law, Department of International Law, University of Amsterdam

Iain Scobbie, Professor of International Law, Manchester International Law Centre, University of Manchester 

Managing Editor: Gail Lythgoe, doctoral student, tutor, and research assistant, University of Glasgow


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